Complaints procedures

*PLEASE NOTE THIS BASED ON UK LAW AND ALSO OUR OWN EXPERIENCE* In this topic we talk about making a complaint. This is making a complaint to an NHS Hospital. Please see making a complaint which covers: Our story NHS Complaints Procedure Process Advice on making an NHS complaint  Tips for making a complaint  Our […]

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*THIS INFORMATION HAS BEEN SOURCED FROM UK AND AMERICAN WEBSITES AND OUR OWN EXPERIENCES* The following information has been put together through Google searching and our own experience. Please see Delirium which covers the following areas: Introduction to our experience with Delirium Delirium/Causes/Symptoms Treatment/Cures for Delirium Infection and Delirium Dementia Vs Delirium Hospital Delirium Types […]

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Infective Endocarditis

*THIS INFORMATION HAS BEEN SOURCED FROM UK AND AMERICAN WEBSITES AND OUR OWN EXPERIENCE* Please see Infective Endocarditis which covers: Introduction to our Journey Infective Endocarditis Useful Links Our Final Words 1. Introduction to our Journey: In september 2016 our Dad was admitted to hospital. He had been found unconscious at home. Thankfully, just before […]

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Counselling/ Health and Wellbeing

*THIS INFORMATION WAS SOURCED FROM UK AND AMERICAN WEBSITES. AS WELL AS OUR OWN EXPERIENCE* The information below is based on our own experience. The links provided have been sourced through google searching. Please see Counselling and Health and Wellbeing which covers the following areas: Introduction/ Our Story Bereavement Grief Health and Wellbeing Counselling Useful […]

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