Up In The Air

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Right at this moment in time. In this stage of the process, everything feels all up in the air.

The end of this probate process will soon be here, and it is the strangest feeling. This has literally been our everyday life for the past two years. When it does finally come to an end, what next? A massive huge unknown. It’s a daunting feeling. We are also feeling:

  • Anxious
  • Our nerves are shot to pieces
  • We are on edge quite often
  • Extremely heightened emotions

There have been many bumps along the road with many low moments. In between all of it, we’ve tried our very best to not only get on with the regular day to day things, but we’ve also tried our very best to pick ourselves up and come back stronger with every obstacle and setback we’ve faced.

Life for us since 5th September 2016 has been a blur. It’s also as though time stopped, and we have been coexisting along with the years that have passed by since. It does feel as though a new life will have to start when it’s finally all over with:

  • New goals
  • New focus
  • New achievements.

We’ve had a few ideas of possibilities once this probate process ends however, with how busy and unpredictable this process can make things we’ve not had the chance to investigate any detail or cement plans. We are thankful however to have achieved one of our goals which were this blog. Our way of sharing our knowledge and experience gained along the way.

This has been one heck of a journey. But despite the traumatic time and experience we’ve had, one thing we are grateful for is that we remained strong as a family unit . Even with the illnesses & mental/physical health issues we have experienced, brought on by all of this. My mum, sister and I, standing strong together like the nasturtium flower in our Dad’s garden. Despite strong weeds overtaking it, being raked down to soil level, it rose again growing three buds, and eventually even more. We are so proud and pleased with the way in which our Dad’s Garden has continued to flourish and blossom. We will miss the joy this brings for certain.

Please see the Nasturtium flower below, as well as other flowers that have blossomed along the way in our Dad’s Garden:

The nasturtium is a flower that a lot of people know about for different reasons, this is a great flower to have in a garden, an edible flower, and one that also looks great in arrangements. … With the nasturtium, you get a flower that indicates that there will be victory through a battle and conquest”.

No matter how hard times get, with us very often wanting to give up when things feel as though there is no way out. We stand our ground, carry on and get through it. We persevere and don’t give up.

We are also eternally grateful to our family and friends for their continued invaluable support throughout this journey. Without this, things would have been even more difficult.

We tried to google to see if there is any advice on the internet regarding life after probate. But we couldn’t find anything. We guess like most things in life that require a manual, but don’t have it, we’ll have to learn as we go along. And try our best to find our way and move forward with a positive attitude.


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