Emotions and Grief

Preview to topic: Throughout our topics, we have often referred to the range of emotions we experience along our journey. It seems one of the biggest emotions that has not been dealt with is opening up to the emotion of the loss of our Dad. This feels like something extremely: Major Scary Uncomfortable Unimaginable Unknown […]

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215 WordPress followers Thankful

© Copyright 2019 Grief Probate Journey Blog April 2021 215 WordPress followers WOW This fills us with great joy. We are so thankful to all of our followers and reader’s. We are thankful, grateful, and humbled for everyone who reads and shares our blog. For everyone who feels comfortable enough to share their stories and […]

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Purpose and Grief

Preview to the topic: Sitting and thinking about life and existence. The word purpose came to our mind. Realising that having purpose is something that keeps us (my sister and I) going. Purpose gives a reason to be motivated and do the simplest thing as getting out of bed in the mornings. Without feeling there […]

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Intellectualisation and Grief

Preview to topic: Quite often my sister and I have stated the blog has become a part of our learning experience in our grief journey. We have discovered many things that we wouldn’t have been aware of had we not created this blog. We have become connected to many great people whom we wouldn’t necessarily […]

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Perspective and Willingness to see Beauty in Grief: Featuring Gina Lazzareschi

Preview to topic: This topic came about from a conversation taking place between myself and Gina Lazzareschi (@gr8teful_gal_). We were having a conversation about our grief experiences, and something that Gina said about her story, was a very interesting spin on her situation. When talking about our grief stories and how we get through dark […]

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Prolonged Grief

Preview to topic: This was not a planned topic when doing research for something else, we came across this term: Prolonged Grief. Something about this made us want to investigate further to see what this term was about and what it meant. We found a similarity that we could relate to and this is why […]

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End of a Year and Grief

Preview of topic: We are coming to the end of another year 2020 and our final blog post for the year. And what a year this has been. Worldwide this has been one of the most challenging and life-changing years in history. The world and the way we knew it has drastically and dramatically changed…. […]

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