May Awareness Month 2022

More often of late we find ourselves doing Awareness Month topics. We never used to cover these so regularly. We guess this means we are becoming more aware of different matters and causes as we travel along our journey. Because of this, we have more to share as time is going on…… Please see May […]

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Five years of grief

This topic came about purely by chance. I was searching for something to post for the anniversary of our Dad’s burial. Like most topics like this that find us, we feel it happens for a reason, it is needed to be shared, and so this is what we have done….. Please see Five years of […]

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April Awareness Month 2022

Along our journey, we not only share about our grief experience, but we also share and try to help and spread awareness on matters related to medical conditions and medical health conditions. This stems from our Dads original diagnosis of a serious life-threatening heart condition Infective Endocarditis…… Please see April Awareness Month which covers: Introduction […]

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International Day of Happiness 2022 #Keep Calm, #Stay Wise and #Be Kind

Happiness, is something that starts from within, something that is so important, something that can make the difference between having a good day, bad day, being positive….. Please see International Day of Happiness 2022 which covers: Introduction Illustrations and YouTube Video: International Day of Happiness 2022 International Day of Happiness 2022 Our Final thoughts/YouTube Video […]

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The Us before the Pandemic. Self Care Ideas: Featuring Sunshine Behavioural Health

This topic began in February this year but was not quite ready for publishing. Recently we were contacted by an organisation Sunshine Behavioural Health who came across our page and topics we have regarding living through the pandemic. They had a guide on the pandemic and mental health that they wanted to share with us […]

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Solitude and Grief

Trying to be focused on the game on my phone. Out of nowhere, the thought of solitude came to mind. The reason being, assessing how life has for the last 5 years. Wow. Six years since our Dad was hospitalised.. Please see Solitude and Grief which covers: Introduction Illustrative examples: Quotes Solitude and Grief Solitude […]

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Rare Disease Day 2022

Graves Disease (we have topics on January thyroid disease awareness month) Infective Endocarditis (we have topics on Infective Endocarditis and Infective Endocarditis and Blindness Raynaud’s Disease (we have a topic on Raynaud’s Disease Awareness) Rare Diseases is something that is within our family. Unfortunately within many families worldwide…… Please see Rare Disease Day 2022 which […]

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National Save Your Vision Month 2022

National Save Your Vision Month 2022 All of our senses are so important. The loss of any of these can be a real life-changing adjustment and acceptance. Within our family, there has been sight loss to various different illnesses. Sadly our Dad was diagnosed with a rare and life-threatening heart condition of Infective Endocarditis which […]

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March Awareness Month 2022

As we move through our journey, we are discovering more and more awareness days/weeks/months.  When so many fall within a month we combine them…. Please see March Awareness Month 2022 which covers: Introduction World Hearing Day 3rd March University Mental Health Day 3rd March International Women’s Day 8th March World Kidney Day 10th March No […]

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