Direction and Grief

Preview to the topic: Unguided Overwhelmed Not knowing what to do or where to turn. We feel like we have lost our way and do not know what direction we will be heading in, or if the direction we are choosing is the right or best one…… Please see Direction and Grief which covers: Introduction […]

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World Sight Day 2021

Preview to the topic: All of our senses are important. They all play their individual vital role in our body and how it can function. Today (Thursday 14th October) is World Sight Day. Please see World Sight Day 2021 which covers: Introduction YouTube Video LOVE YOUR EYES! World Sight Day 2021: Quotes/illustrations/information World Sight Day […]

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Reflection and Grief

Preview to the topic: Sitting with thoughts. Reflecting on life and our experience. Our four-year experience of losing our Dad. How different we have become, still not knowing who we are, still barely managing to navigate and find our way through daily life. Still trying to be engaged in present moments. Please see Reflection and […]

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October Awareness Month 2021

Preview to topic: There are many awareness days, weeks in October. It wouldn’t be possible to cover them all within the month, this is why we combine to create one topic which covers as many as possible…… Please see October Awareness Month 2021 which covers: Introduction World Smile Day 2021 (1st October) Breast Cancer Awareness […]

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Understanding and Grief

Preview to the topic: My sister and I have been on this journey for four years now. As that has been written and acknowledged I am shaking my head in disbelief. It has and is an experience of highs, lows, sadness, joy. One thing throughout this journey is that we feel as though we are […]

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Grief is not Linear

Preview to the topic This topic came about purely by chance, because of a conversation I was having with my sister. The term grief is not like looking through rose-tinted glasses came to mind. We went to google it to see if this was something that would give any information. But auto type came up […]

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World Sepsis Day September 13th 2021

Preview to the topic: Please see World Sepsis Day September 13th 2021 which covers: Introduction YouTube Videos Illustrative Examples: World Sepsis Day September 13th 2021 World Sepsis Day September 13th 2021 Our Final Thoughts/Our YouTube Video © Copyright 2019 Grief Probate Journey Blog *PLEASE NOTE THIS INFORMATION IS SOURCED FROM UK and AMERICAN WEBSITES* It […]

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Alzheimer’s Awareness Month 2021

Preview to the topic: This month is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. This time last year we did a topic called September Awareness Month which covered many different awareness days are there are various happening throughout the month. Please see Alzheimer’s Awareness Month which covers: Introduction YouTube Videos Illustrative Examples Alzheimer’s Awareness Month Our Final Thoughts/Our YouTube […]

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