May Awareness Month 2021

Preview to the topic Sharing our story and trying to help to spread awareness was one of the main reasons we started our Blog. Throughout our journey we have dealt with many different situations, we have learnt many new things (most of which have been self-taught as part of our experiences) and this is why […]

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April Awareness Month 2021

Preview to topic: We are all about trying our very best to spread awareness of matters that are not necessarily given enough of a platform. We feel passionate about sharing our experience and sharing new things that we find out and discover along our grief journey. My sister and I are on a grief journey; […]

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Infective Endocarditis and Blindness

Preview to topic: We decided to write about this matter, as our Dad’s initial diagnosis upon his admission to the hospital in September 2016 was Infective Endocarditis. (We also have a topic about Infective Endocarditis). Unfortunately, the infection went into our Dad’s eyes causing him to lose his sight…. Please see Infective Endocarditis and Blindness […]

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World Sepsis Day – September 13th

Preview to topic: This is a matter that is awfully close to my sister and I. During the time our Dad was hospitalised, due to his original diagnosis of Infective Endocarditis ( we have a topic on Infective Endocarditis, he, unfortunately, suffered many other various infections. One of which was Sepsis….. Please see World Sepsis […]

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September Awareness Month 2020

Preview to topic: Our blog has a variety of shared matters that relate to our Dads seven-month stay in hospital which was far from straight forward. This month is September Awareness month, many medical conditions are being recognised in this month, we felt it only right that we make this a topic for our blog, […]

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