Whats next

We have now officially published our site and announced it to our friends. As it’s now official we thought we’d give a further brief introduction. The purpose of this blog is to share our experience as we continue on this journey. This is in honour of and justice for our late Father, our powerhouse. May […]

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Caring for a loved one

Throughout this process, we have felt as though we were and still are living life in a bubble. For example, our Dad’s time in the hospital, our world revolved around being present at the hospital and focusing our efforts on: Our Dad’s daily care Dealing with Hospital staff. Then the time came that he would […]

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Quite often throughout this bereavement probate process, there are times that we as a family can feel as though we would like to disappear or bury our head in the sand as though we were an ostrich. Many days can be filled with endless tasks to complete, with everything being a priority. In these times […]

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Introduction : In honesty, due to the circumstance of our Dad passing, we as a family still have not even come to terms with it, much less been able to accept it. Therefore, I do not feel that we have even begun to grieve. It has been two years since our Dad passed away, but […]

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Who We are, Why We’re Here

My name is Tara Greene, my sister, Tanya Greene. Life for my family and I has changed in a big way since September 2016. It has been a continual roller coaster of experiences, feelings, and emotions. Our Dad became ill In September 2016 and sadly passed away in March 2017. It is because of these […]

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