Up In The Air

UP IN THE AIR Right at this moment in time. In this stage of the process, everything feels all up in the air. The end of this probate process will soon be here, and it is the strangest feeling. This has literally been our everyday life for the past two years. When it does finally […]

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Counselling/ Health and Wellbeing

*THIS INFORMATION WAS SOURCED FROM UK AND AMERICAN WEBSITES. AS WELL AS OUR OWN EXPERIENCE* The information below is based on our own experience. The links provided have been sourced through google searching. Please see Counselling and Health and Wellbeing which covers the following areas: Introduction/ Our Story Bereavement Grief Health and Wellbeing Counselling Useful […]

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Selling a Property (Leasehold)

*PLEASE NOTE THIS IS BASED ON UK LAW* The information below is based on Google searching and our own experience. Please see Selling a Property (Leasehold) the UK which covers the following areas: Introduction/Our Story Selling a Leasehold Property Selling a Probate Property Estate Agent Conveyancing Solicitor Information for once a Property is sold Things […]

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Inheritance Tax

*PLEASE NOTE THIS INFORMATION IS BASED ON UK LAW: IT ALSO INCLUDES INFORMATION FOR UK EXPATS* Introduction: Our Inheritance Tax Experience: Inheritance Tax: This is another aspect of the probate process that has caused us sadness. It also makes us feel like inheriting what has been passed down to you can be more hassle than […]

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*PLEASE NOTE THIS IS UK LAW. IT ALSO INCLUDES INFORMATION FOR UK EXPATS* Introduction: This topic talks about Probate and the various steps that are involved in this process. We then move on to giving examples of the legal aspect of probate through the knowledge we have gained. In honesty, when you are living through […]

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Power of Attorney

*PLEASE NOTE THIS IS UK LAW* “Power of Attorney = The authority to act for another person in specified or all legal or financial matters”. Depending on the situation/cirucumstance, it may become necessary for you to apply for Power of attorney. This would mean you would be legally allowed to be in control of your […]

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Whats next

We have now officially published our site and announced it to our friends. As it’s now official we thought we’d give a further brief introduction. The purpose of this blog is to share our experience as we continue on this journey. In this blog, we talk about grief and what we have learned, and we […]

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Caring for a loved one

Throughout this process, we have felt as though we were and still are living life in a bubble. For example, our Dad’s time in the hospital, our world revolved around being present at the hospital and focusing our efforts on: Our Dad’s daily care Dealing with Hospital staff. Then the time came that he would […]

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Quite often throughout this bereavement probate process, there are times that we as a family can feel as though we would like to disappear or bury our head in the sand as though we were an ostrich. Many days can be filled with endless tasks to complete, with everything being a priority. In these times […]

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In honesty, due to the circumstance of our Dad passing, we as a family still have not even come to terms with it, much less been able to accept it. Therefore, I do not feel that we have even begun to grieve. It has been two years since our Dad passed away, but for us, […]

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