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Delayed Grief

*PLEASE NOTE THIS INFORMATION HAS BEEN SOURCED FROM the UK, AMERICAN AND CANADIAN WEBSITES. It is also based on our own experience*. Please see delayed grief which covers: Our own experience with Delayed Grief Delayed Grief Grief/Unresolved Grief/Masked grief/Complicated grief Stages of Grief Effects of grief on the body Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) How […]

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*PLEASE NOTE THIS INFORMATION HAS BEEN SOURCED FROM UK AND AMERICAN WEBSITES. It is also based on our own experience* *We are not experts in this field, we are speaking purely on our own experience with information sought from the internet to give further examples on the topic. Please see Anxiety which covers the following*: […]

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Making A Complaint

*PLEASE NOTE THIS BASED ON UK LAW AND ALSO OUR OWN EXPERIENCE* In this topic we talk about making a complaint. This is making a complaint to an NHS Hospital. Please see making a complaint which covers: Our story Advice on making an NHS complaint  Tips on NHS Complaints Procedure Process Tips for making a […]

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Final Countdown

FINAL COUNTDOWN We are now starting to reach the point where things will be drawing to a close. With this in mind, it has got us feeling extremely overwhelmed at the moment. It’s also almost as though: Everything is happening all at once, but not all. Things are starting to become more real The reason […]

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*THIS INFORMATION HAS BEEN SOURCED FROM UK AND AMERICAN WEBSITES AND OUR OWN EXPERIENCES* The following information has been put together through Google searching and our own experience. Please see Delirium which covers the following areas: Introduction to our experience with Delirium Delirium/Causes/Symptoms Treatment/Cures for Delirium Infection and Delirium Dementia Vs Delirium Hospital Delirium Types […]

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Infective Endocarditis

*THIS INFORMATION HAS BEEN SOURCED FROM UK AND AMERICAN WEBSITES AND OUR OWN EXPERIENCE* Please see Infective Endocarditis which covers: Introduction to our Journey Infective Endocarditis Useful Links Our Final Words 1. Introduction to our Journey: In september 2016 our Dad was admitted to hospital. He had been found unconscious at home. Thankfully, just before […]

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Up In The Air

UP IN THE AIR Right at this moment in time. In this stage of the process, everything feels all up in the air. The end of this probate process will soon be here, and it is the strangest feeling. This has literally been our everyday life for the past two years. When it does finally […]

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