About Us

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For my family and I, our lives began to change the moment our Dad was hospitalised in September 2016. From that date until now we have been on a journey. An unexpected journey that we were not, and still are not prepared for. To this very day, we are still faced with many unknown situations that leave us feeling baffled, bewildered, disheartened. The list could go on.

We as a family have decided that from our situation we would like to try and make a positive difference. We are sharing our story in the hope that it could help others who may know someone, or they themselves are in a similar situation to us.

We are not professionals and neither do we profess to be. God only knows that we ourselves are in need of help.

We can only speak from a place of our own feelings, truth and understanding of how much grief can affect our lives and actually change it in ways that can at times be unhealthy and unhelpful but at the same time there are some positives that come with that change, and although we may not recognise all of them as we are still deeply within our grief we know that becoming part of the grief community and just in doing this blog it is something that can be helpful and we feel definitely helps us to bring awareness to some of the unknowns and the daily challenges and learning along the grief journey

In this blog, we talk about grief and what we have learned, and we also talk about what we feel to be “The unknown”. The legal requirements after losing a loved one. This will be based on UK Law as well as our our own experiences.