Pandemic Memory Hole: Post-Pandemic Forgetfulness

The idea for this topic came about through the realisation that the pandemic has had a big effect on my Memory. When talking to people during the pandemic and most recently, this is something that has affected many people…..

Please see Pandemic Memory Hole: Post-Pandemic Forgetfulness

Forgetfulness which covers:

  1. Introduction
  2. Pandemic Memory Hole
  3. YouTube Video
  4. Post Pandemic Forgetfulness
  5. Pandemic, Memory loss and Grief
  6. Our Final Thoughts
  7. Our YouTube Video

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1. Introduction

The idea for this topic came about through the realisation that the pandemic has had a big effect on my and my sister’s memory. We are aware that it was affected before the pandemic, but the past few years has definitely heightened things and made it worse.

The world as we knew it changed dramatically and life as we knew it was never the same. As human beings, we were not accustomed to living life with no contact. From social distancing to shielding, self-isolating and lockdowns, this was a dramatic and drastic change to life in such a short time.

With daily life and anything else added on top, we are used to forgetting things from time to time. But this is different. It feels like life is now before and after the pandemic. Remembering fine details and exactly when something happened is a big struggle.

As an example, when having a conversation, I struggle to find the right word that I want to say, I forget the name of simple objects, and these are just a few things. When talking to people during the pandemic and most recently, this is something that has affected many people. I could be talking to someone, and midsentence they might forget what they were about to say next.

Because it is something we’ve been noticing more and more, we wanted to do some research to see what we might find.

We also have information on pandemic, memory loss and grief. We felt it important to add this. My sister and I are aware that we suffered/suffer from grief fog and grief brain. But we didn’t experience our loss at a time when the world was completely different. This is why we wanted to acknowledge this and include it in the topic.

Please see Pandemic Memory Hole: Post-Pandemic Forgetfulness:


2. Pandemic Memory Hole

2.1 I have ‘pandemic brain’ Will I ever be able to concentrate again? |Life and style

(24 Jun 2021) — … “late-pandemic “fog of forgetting” and suggested that our circumstantial memory holes were an adaptive response to the endless unknown”.

2.2 Brain fog and blury thinking: how to tackle pandemic Memory loss

(17 Mar 2022) — “Some memory blurring is natural – and forgetting parts of pandemic life is no bad thing. Psychologists say the mind has an ability to compress”…

2.3 Unscrambling our memories in the wake of COVID-19 | Hub

(4 Apr 2022) — “When asked how the pandemic memory fog will impact us going forward, the researchers interviewed for this piece don’t anticipate any lasting”…

2.4 What Is Pandemic Brain Fog? | Sharp HealthCare

“How to lift pandemic brain fog. By The Health News Team | May 17, 2021. Woman suffering from memory loss and confusion. Kids say the darndest things”.

2.5 It’s not just you – – we are all more forgetful during the …. – CNN

(3 Feb 2022) — “Pandemic living can make it much more difficult to form a memory at all, let alone call it back when we need it, said Yassa, director of the”…

2.6 Feeling More Forgetful? Blame the Pandemic

“Feeling More Forgetful? Blame the Pandemic. Pandemic stress and social isolation are negatively impacting our memory. Posted February 2, 2021 | Reviewed by”…

2.7 Dementia or Pandemic Brain? | HealthFocus SA

(22 Apr 2021) — “Forgetting where your keys or glasses are may be a normal sign of aging or our brains fogging from little interaction during the pandemic,” …


3. YouTube Video: Researchers looking at memory loss after working, staying at home during COVID

(12 Apr 2022) “Experts said that after spending days inside due to COVID, our brains could be overwhelmed, causing us to forget easily”.


4. Post Pandemic Forgetfulness

4.1 Why the Pandemic Is Making You More Forgetful – TODAY

(12 Apr 2022) — “Stress can lead to forgetfulness and brain fog — and a COVID-19 infection can, too. Even young and healthy people can develop post-COVID”…

4.2 Beyond Brain Fog: What the Pandemic Has Done to Our Memory

(29 Jul 2022) — “Increased forgetfulness has been a common complaint throughout the pandemic. And research is starting to explain why”.

4.3 Memory problems during the Pandemic…….The Conversation

(18 Sept 2022) — “Pandemic-related forgetfulness seems quite different in nature from the deficit observed in autobiographical memory”.


5. Pandemic, Memory loss and Grief

5.1 Change, loss and bereavement – Mental Health Foundation

“Change and loss can involve many things. During the coronavirus pandemic, all of us have been affected one way or another by changes”.

5.2 Coronavirus, bereavement and grief

“Feelings when someone died of Covid-19 or during the pandemic”

5.3 Loss, Grief, and Bereavement Support – Covid Aid

“Millions in the UK have experienced grief, bereavement, and loss as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. With our charity resources, Covid Aid hopes to”…


6. Our Final Thoughts

 We hope this topic will be of use to those who read it.


7. Our YouTube Video



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