Grief Probate Journey is SIX MONTHS OLD

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Grief Probate Journey is SIX MONTHS OLD

We are ever so pleased to have made it this far.

We’ve gone from strength to strength since our 3-month mark when we published Grief Probate Journey is THREE MONTHS OLD, which really fills us with joy.

We are so truly grateful as all of this has been made possible because of the great amount of interest, comments, feedback, shares there have been on:

  • The blog itself
  • The various social media platforms we use to promote the blog

We are aware six months might not appear to be that long, but for us, having no clue what we were really doing, other than creating a platform to try and share our story, we see this as an achievement. It is even more so for us, as we know this is a taboo subject that can possibly be the cause of a shutdown of a conversation.

We do understand this could be because people might not know what to say depending on what is being spoken about. Also it is not really a subject that is spoken about that often. This is one of the reasons why we started this blog to try and create more awareness, and also to try and break the taboo.

We ourselves were guilty of not wanting to talk about things with our Dad (wills for example when he brought it up) and this has affected our situation with Inheritance Tax. This is why we encourage people to talk to their parents, relatives, loved ones about these sorts of things even thought it might not be an easy thing to do. In the long run it is best it is done sooner than when unforutnately it might be too late.

That being said, all the things we hoped and wished for are coming to light. For example, at the three-month stage we stated we wanted to:

  • Engage more
  • Interact more
  • Spread the word as far and wide as possible

Since the 3 months mark, we have reached new counties such as: United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Bangladesh, Norway, Denmark, Caribbean Netherlands,Vietnam, Japan, Israel, Latvia, Mexico, Columbia, Ireland, Guernsey, Cyprus, Spain, Slovenia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Pakistan, Brazil, Italy, Sweden, Trinidad & Tobago, Cape Verde, South Africa, Netherlands, Hawaii, Tanzania, Taiwan.

Wow, that’s a further 33 countries in 3 months. How amazing is that. Again we are TRULY THANKFUL.

We have gained so much useful information from those that have visited the various media platforms used to promote the blog (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). This feedback has and is helping to steer the way the blog is moving forward as it helps us decide what to post.

We really appreciate when stories are shared with us, we also really appreciate comments, feedback. These things warm our heart and makes us feel like in moments where we might be in doubt, we are in some way making a difference and that alone is reason enough for us to continue.

We have various different areas of topics to publish. To begin with we were just posting a new topic each week, now it is based on the comments that we get on our media platforms. For example, rather than publish a new topic each week, we have instead researched further into topics that had many likes, shares, and comments, and where we could tell it would be good to have that much more awareness. Examples of these would be follow up topics on:

  • Sepsis Awareness
  • Anxiety Awareness
  • Delirium awareness

(We plan to continue doing follow up topics where necessary).

Other great achievements within the past 3 months are:

  • The blog itself has increased followers
  • Topics on the blog have increased likes
  • Our story is being shared within our social media platforms
  • We are receiving friend requests
  • We are getting follows on social media platforms
  • Our Facebook business page has been recommended

A few of these are shown below:

This is all that we wanted and more. We are overwhelmed and overjoyed at the developments during this time.

We first started this blog to inform people of the legal matters we have encountered, but now it is becoming so much more than that. The blog seems to be shaping itself and taking its own journey. This has happened due to the growth and development since we published it 6 months ago.

We are extremely happy, and grateful of the success so far, however, we do not want to stop here, we do not want this journey to come to an end.

Each time we have new goals moving forward.  Our focus is now on the longevity of what we have started and how we can hopefully continue to grow into something greater.

It really does seem surreal, and at the same time, we want to remain focused and not stray away from one of our main purposes which is:

  • Sharing our story as we believe Knowledge is Power and Knowledge is Key.

It has been a learning curve when it comes to trying to find new ways to promote what we are doing and getting our stories being noticed. What has also been a learning curve is the balance being maintained. What is meant by this, we really appreciate how much our story is being shared in the countries mentioned above.

We get so excited and overwhelemd when we discover the blog has been seen in another new country, or seeing that people are sharing it on their pages. Another example, seeing the statistics for topics that are being viewed daily. But what I am learning is that although some days there might be less views on the blog, things are being shared on people’s social media pages, people are following us on various social media platforms, people are sharing their stories with us. So it’s realising that just because views might be lower on some days more than others, it does not mean our message isnt getting out there. It is, but just in different ways, which is a positive thing.

All these things lets us see what we wished for is coming to life and that is a blessing. We take each day as it comes, with the highs and the lows and are so grateful for how things continue to progress.

We want to thank every single person who has supported and contributed to us getting this far, by taking the time to Read, Comment, Follow, Like, Share our Blog. It really means so much to us.

We hope this will continue moving forward. Together we can keep this going sharing and spreading knowledge and awareness.

We are so happy we were inspired to do this; we are proud of where we are to date. We wanted to try and create someting positive out of such a devastating situation. We are remaining positive for the greater things we will hopefully achieve within the coming month and into the New Year.

At the same time, we also do not want to forget the reason why this blog has even come about in the first place. The unfortunate passing of our Dad.

This blog is and will always be in honour of our late Father. We want to do him proud. R.I.E.P Dad we love you forever and always xXx


The Greene Family

Grief Probate Journey


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