Grief Probate Journey is NINE MONTHS OLD

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MARCH 2020

Wow, we are NINE MONTHS OLD. We feel honoured to have made it this far.

We truly are grateful that we’ve been able to bring a vision to light and maintain its purpose.

This blog truly has been a journey in itself. At times it feels as though my sister and I are following the blog’s path. We say this because the topics sometimes write themselves through feedback and comments.

Each week we think what we will do next, how long can we continue with this, but the ideas and topics have kept coming, and for this we are very pleased.

Since the last update of Grief Probate Journey is Six Months Old, we have taken on new ideas which went well:

We have had two guest features

Our followers have increased on Instagram

Our followers have increased on Facebook

We have had more likes and followers on the blog itself

We are getting great feedback

We appreciate when people share their stories with us, this too is increasing

We have reached even more countries: Uganda, Malaysia, Bermuda, Belgium, Nepal, Namibia, Switzerland, Poland, Singapore, BELARUS, Malta and Jamaica. That is a further twelve countries in two months. an excellent way to start 2020.

We have featured on a business page

We are connecting further within our social media community

To date we do still doubt whether what we are doing is worthwhile, and if we should continue, and in those moments when we see a thank you message, or likes on topics, it validates our decision and gives us inspiration to continue.

We keep going because we can see that we are helping and making a difference.

It is also helping us as we have learnt many new things, things that we didn’t have time to look into or understand at the time our Dad was in hospital as things were so fast paced. These things are bittersweet, as in it’s too late for us now, BUT if it makes a difference and potentially could stop things from happening to someone else, sharing it is worthwhile.

This blog is giving us purpose and meaning in a sense. Also, it’s something that we are able to control as we chose to create this blog, it was by choice, not by force. Almost everything that has occurred since our Dad was hospitalised in September 2016 to date, has been out of our control, and not our choice. In every situation, scenario, we’ve had to adapt to what is going on, and deal with it in that instant/moment in time accordingly.

Something that will always remain important to us is that we stay true to ourselves, and our beliefs we do not lose our authenticity, we do not stray away from our main purpose.

Along this journey we go through phases of highs and lows, I believe we try to focus the lows in becoming positive when we share it in the blog.

At this moment in time we are feeling sad, lost, overwhelmed. It’s been a long road to get to where we are this present day. No matter what we are grateful, the bad experiences push us to try harder, keep going, be more determined. The good experiences bring us joy, uplift our spirits, and give us inspiration to continue moving forward as positive as possible.

We look forward with the hope of further establishing ourselves and cementing our presence in communities.

As always, we are forever grateful to everyone who takes the time to like, follow, share, comment, subscribe to our blog and social media platforms. These things validate there was a need for us to do this.

Thank you

The Greene Family


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