52 WordPress Followers Thankful

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52 Followers. Thank you

This brings us so much joy. We are very happy we are becoming part of a community/network. It feels nice and helps us to cement our purpose.

A BIG MASSIVE THANK YOU to all who read, recommend, like, follow and share our blog. This is what has enabled us to make it to ten months. Without this support and interaction, it would be a very lonely Journey with lack of our original purpose.

We now also have a YouTube channel which came about due to our interaction within these communities, we are nervous but excited about where this new journey could lead to.

We look forward to the future with faith, hope and positivity that we will continue to grow in the hope of helping to make a difference, and creating awareness.

Wishing you all a blessed remainder of the week, and we hope you are keeping safe and well during these times.

Tara and Tanya Greene

Grief Probate Journey


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