Grief Probate Journey has a NEW YouTube Channel

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April 2020

We are so pleased to announce that we have a NEW YouTube Channel. We are extremely pleased with this. It isn’t something that we had planned or necessarily previously thought about. However, we are very grateful this has taken place. Please see our Channel Trailer:

This fortunately came about from us having the great opportunity to be a guest on The Color Of Grief Live Instagram Talks. This took place on Tuesday 14th April 2020. We also have a topic on it: Interview with The Color of Grief : Who we are, Our journey, and how we got into the world of blogging- Tuesday 14th April 2020.

We wanted to figure out a way of sharing the interview with people who might not have an Instagram account, or might not have had the opportunity to watch it the day we were live. Instgram live stories dissapear after 24 hours.

Thankfully between my sister and I, we worked out how to record the interview. The next step was working out how to share it. (The file sizes were very large). Through doing resarch we came to find out that for WordPress the best way to share video’s is Via YouTube, and so the channel was created.

This is an unexpected new venture, and we welcome the opporunities this might bring in the way we are able to try and share our story. We are happy that we can now have a visual, vocal approach.

We will keep the channel updated as best as possible, we aim to try and do this every week on a Monday (the same day as our Blog Topics).

Please check out our Channel Trailer and our Channel. We hope you like what you see, if so, please do subscribe so that you can see more.

We wish everybody safe and well during these times.

Thank you

Tara and Tanya Greene

Grief Probate Journey.


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