119 WordPress followers Thankful

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September 2020

119 Followers. Thank you

119 followers wow we are truly thankful and appreciative of this. That is a further 67 followers in 5 months.

This brings us extra special joy knowing our community within WordPress is growing. This is where everything started 15 months ago when we decided we wanted to share our story. We built our site, making it as user friendly as possible, doing our best to become recognised, in the hope of sharing and spreading awareness through our topics.

We are thankful for the support within this community and our family and friends. We are thankful to those who read, like, follow, share, recommend and interact with us. To this day we do still question and wonder if it was a good idea to start this and if we can make a difference, but seeing how we are developing over time helps us to feel we have a purpose and it gives us the drive, motivation, and determination to continue.

We look forward to the future with faith, hope, and positivity.

Thank you all,

Much love and blessings

Grief Probate Journey.


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