Loss of control and grief

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Please see Loss of Control and Grief which covers:

  1. Introduction/Our Story
  2. Loss of Control and Grief
  3. Our final thoughts/YouTube video

1. Introduction/Our Story

This might seem like a repeated broken record. But literally since the day, our Dad was hospitalised on the 5th September 2016, up until this very date. Life and its meaning have been questionable.

It literally feels as though we have not had control of our life ever since. We are somehow getting by day to day, but it is a struggle, and a very difficult one.

On hard days it feels like we would like someone or something to take our hand and give us guidance for what is ahead.

We’ve had to make endless amounts of huge overwhelming life-changing and drastic decisions. This really takes a toll. Physically and mentally it is extremely draining.

It is scary unsettling, worrying. Everything feels uncertain. Add to that the current worldwide pandemic and we feel like we are in the middle of a whirlwind trying our best to survive and keep our head about water.


Plese see Loss of Control and Grief:

2. Loss of Control and Grief

2.1 What are some examples of loss that cause grief?

“Some examples include: Leaving home. Illness/loss of health. Death of a pet”.

“Different kinds of loss”

  • “Loss of a close friend”.
  • “Death of a partner”.
  • “Death of a classmate or colleague”.
  • “Serious illness of a loved one”.
  • “Relationship breakup”.
  • “Death of a family member”.

2.2 Who’s in Charge Here? Coping with loss of control – Whats your Grief

“20 Apr 2017 — Grief isn’t an emotional experience, it’s an entire paradigm shift. When something bad happens that’s beyond a person’s control, like the death” …

2.3 Grief and the Loss of Control – Alive in Memory

“15 Jan 2014 — Grief, in its very nature, is unpredictable and uncontrollable. I struggled with it, but when I accepted it, it had an unexpected result: I felt relief”.

2.4 My Life Feels Out of Control – Is Grief a Factor?

“8 Oct 2012 — We readily link grief with certain circumstances such as death; however, grief may be at the core of many types of losses, and we fail to make”. 

2.5 Feeling Out Of Control During Grief -Behaviours in….

“16 Jan 2014 — I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how my efforts over the last few years of learning how to recognize what I can and can’t control in life seems”…

2.6 Loss and Grief -MyWhatever.com

“Making promises to others, Losing control. Panic Wish to postpone. Guilty. Depression, Withdrawn Less communicative. Focus on loss. Physical upset”.

2.7 Grieving Process: What Does It Look Like During This Pandemic

“28 May 2020 — The grieving process is yet another thing the new coronavirus pandemic has changed. Here, experts discuss what it means to grieve right now”.

2.8 Grief in a grieving world – Gurls Talk

“14 May 2020 — When my dad died in October 2019 I felt as if I had been cut out of the world and placed somewhere remote and unrecognisable. Friends would”…


3. Our final thoughts/YouTube video

 When thinking of how to summarise this topic, we came across the following quote that we felt ended it in the right way. We hope this topic might be of use to someone and we’d like to wish anyone reading it a safe day, evening night, and remainder of the week.

Grief is a process. Grief is a path an individual navigates at their own pace.

Grief is a process. Grief is a path an individual navigates at their own pace. But always keep in mind that grief is not a disorder that an individual needs to be cured of. Mourning the loss of a loved one provides healing and, in time, a pathway to peace”


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