Perspective and Willingness to see Beauty in Grief: Featuring Gina Lazzareschi

Preview to topic: This topic came about from a conversation taking place between myself and Gina Lazzareschi (@gr8teful_gal_). We were having a conversation about our grief experiences, and something that Gina said about her story, was a very interesting spin on her situation. When talking about our grief stories and how we get through dark […]

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Prolonged Grief

Preview to topic: This was not a planned topic when doing research for something else, we came across this term: Prolonged Grief. Something about this made us want to investigate further to see what this term was about and what it meant. We found a similarity that we could relate to and this is why […]

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Family and Grief

Preview to topic: Sitting processing our thoughts for a moment. Family and grief came to mind. We googled it and was pleasantly surprised by what we found. The feeling of family came to mind as: Within our family, although our parents divorced when I was 8 and my sister was 11, our unit remained close… […]

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Anxiety and Grief

Preview to topic: Throughout our journey, we have experienced many different thing’s. Each new thing we face and go through brings on its own set of: Challenges, Worries, Excitement, Fear. In the moment of experiencing a certain emotion, it can feel quite intense…. Please see: Anxiety and Grief which covers: Introduction Anxiety and Grief quotes […]

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Vulnerable and Grief

Preview to topic: Feeling extremely: Vulnerable, Low, Unsettled and uncertain. The list of these feelings and emotions seems endless. Feeling almost hopeless with there not being an end in sight.It feels like a never-ending journey with recurring feelings of extreme highs and lows…. Please see: Vulnerable and Grief which covers: Introduction Quotes: Vulnerable and Grief […]

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We Miss Our Dad: Parent Loss And Grief

Preview to topic: Missing thing’s. Missing hearing people say: Mr Greene, Arnie, Sir. Missing our Dad’s accent/Twang. Although our Dad came to England as a teenager, he had not lost his Bajan twang. Missing: Our Dad’s presence, His influence, His advice, His creativity (fixing things). Just missing every single thing….. Please see: We miss our […]

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Denial and Grief

Preview of topic: Denial came to mind when realising the stage my sister and I are currently at. In honesty, I think this has always been existent in our journey. Our Dad sadly passed away in 2017, yet in 2020 we are still struggling to: Come to terms with it,Accept it, Acknowledge this is really […]

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