November Awareness Month 2020

Sharing and spreading awareness is one of the things that we feel strongly about, and what we are striving to do along our grief journey. We came to discover it is November Awareness Month, naturally, we wanted to make this topic. This has been another interesting topic as we are learning more about the various causes that are being highlighted this month….

Please see November Awareness Month 2020 which covers:

  1. Introduction/Our Story
  2. National Family Caregivers Month
  3. International Stress Awareness  Week 2nd – 9th November  2020
  4. Movember 2020 – Men’s Health Awareness Month
  5. Mouth Cancer Action Month
  6. Lung Cancer Awareness Month
  7. Bladder Health Month 2020
  8. National Diabetes Month 2020
  9. Our Final thoughts/YouTube Video

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1. Introduction/Our Story

Sharing and spreading awareness is one of the things that we feel strongly about, and what we are striving to do along our grief journey. We came to discover it is November Awareness Month, naturally, we wanted to make this topic.

This has been another interesting topic as we are learning more about the various causes that are being highlighted this month. Matters that we didn’t even realise had such recognition. One for example would be National Caregivers Awareness Month. This is something my sister and I can truly relate to. During intermittent periods of time over the years, my sister and I have cared for our parent’s. My sister cared for our Dad when he got into a car accident. We cared for our Dad on a daily basis during his battle and seven-month time in the hospital until he sadly passed away in March 2017.

I’ve been a carer for my mum for the past few years. Between my sister and I we are heavily involved in our Mum’s care, we always do our best to make sure she has everything she needs, and we try our very best to ensure her mental health and wellbeing is being paid attention too.

There are many carers worldwide doing such a selfless job. Whether it be in a professional setting, or whether it be caring for a loved one. We were delighted to see this role being recognised and that is why we have also highlighted it. We have also touched on topics such a Movember Men’s Health Awareness Month. Men’s Health can be considered as a taboo subject, all health is important and this is why we have included it.

When we can relate to matters that also helps us as well as potentially creating awareness, it feels like more of a bonus and reward.

Please see November Awareness Month 2020:

2. National Family Caregivers Month

2.1 What is National Family Caregivers Month?


“The month of November is a time to recognize, support, and empower family caregivers”.

2.2 What makes a good caregiver?

Empathy and compassion.

“It is essential that a great caregiver feel the desire to want to help. By showing both empathy and compassion, a caregiver will let the person know that they care about them. For instance, they will try and do what they can to help – not because they have to, but because they want to”.

2.3 What are three signs of caregiver stress?

Signs of caregiver stress

  • “Feeling overwhelmed or constantly worried”.
  • “Feeling tired often”.
  • “Getting too much sleep or not enough sleep”.
  • “Gaining or losing weight”.
  • “Becoming easily irritated or angry”.
  • “Losing interest in activities you used to enjoy”.
  • “Feeling sad”.
  • “Having frequent headaches, bodily pain or other physical problems”. (More items…)

2.4 What are the strengths of a caregiver?

Here are some of the best traits that every caregiver should have:

  • “Patience. Those who provide home care to others need to be patient”. …
  • “Compassion. When someone has compassion for another they have an understanding of what the person is going through”.
  • “Attentiveness”. …
  • “Dependability”. …
  • “Trustworthiness”.

2.5 What is the most difficult part of being a caregiver?

“Caregiver stress is a condition that many caregivers will experience. The problem is characterized by increased stress, feeling overwhelmed, irritation, social isolation, and more. There are many ways to improve your physical and mental health as a caregiver”. (14 Mar 2019).

2.6 What difficulties do caregivers face?

Being a Family Caregiver – The Common Challenges

  • “Managing their time. Caregivers often find they have less time for themselves and other family members”. …
  • “Emotional and physical stress”. …
  • “Lack of privacy”. …
  • “Financial strain”. …
  • “Sleep deprivation”. …
  • “Being afraid to ask for help”. …
  • “Depression and isolation”.

2.7 What is the most rewarding part of being a caregiver?

“One of the most rewarding things about being a caregiver is the fact that you will be able to help others on a daily basis. Through the services and support you are providing, you will be having a direct impact on the quality of life for your clients. This alone can make the hard work and dedication well worth it”! (14 Aug 2018).

2.8 What should you not say to a caregiver?

11 Things You Should Never Say To a Caregiver

  • “Why are you having such a hard time being a caregiver?” Usually voiced by someone who has no experience caring for someone who is ill or elderly, this question can be very difficult for a caregiver to hear. …
  • We haven’t seen you in such a long time. …
  • You look really tired. (More items…)

2.9 How do you avoid a caregiver burnout?

Avoid caregiver burnout by feeling empowered

  1. “Practice acceptance”. …
  2. “Embrace your caregiving choice”. …
  3. “Look for the silver lining”. …
  4. “Don’t let caregiving take over your life”. …
  5. “Focus on the things you can control”….
  6. “Celebrate the small victories”. …
  7. “Imagine how your loved one would respond if they were healthy”. (More items…)

2.10 Caregiver

“A caregiver is a paid or unpaid member of a person’s social network who helps them with activities of daily living. Since they have no specific professional training, they are often described as informal caregivers.”

2.11 What do caregivers need most?

“Physical and emotional support are what most caregivers need. Physical help to care for senior loved ones includes help with daily tasks, decision-making, preparing meals, running errands and performing chores. Also, caregivers need emotional support to deal with the stress of caring for an elderly person”. (12 Jun 2020).

2.12 How does a caregiver take care of themselves?

Take care of your body.

“Make time to exercise, eat healthy foods, stay hydrated, and get enough sleep. Also, re-evaluate your own health. The stress of caregiving can lead some people to develop or increase unhealthy habits, such as smoking, drinking too much alcohol, or using prescription medicine improperly”.

2.13 What to say to encourage a caregiver?

Here are five phrases you can say to a family caregiver to show your support.

  • “When are you free to catch up? …
  • “You can vent to me, I’m here to listen.” …
  • “I care about your health and happiness. …
  • “I know you’re doing everything you can.” …
  • “I appreciate you.” …
  • “Get Even More Resources for Family Caregivers”. (25 Jul 2019)

2.14 How do you cheer up a caregiver?

5 Best Ways to Be a Caregiver’s Cheerleader

  1. “Stronger Together; Help Build a Support Team. Caregiving can be relentless, exhausting and overwhelming”. …
  2. “Navigate the Unknown. There is never one ‘right’ answer to anything”. …
  3. “Take the Focus Off Physical Care”. …
  4. “Help the Caregiver Step Away and Find Humor”. …
  5. “Ignite the Cheering Section”. (1 Nov 2016)

2.15 What is caregiver stress syndrome?

“What is Caregiver Stress SyndromeCaregiver stress syndrome is a condition characterized by physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. It typically results from a person neglecting their own physical and emotional health because they are focused on caring for an ill, injured or disabled loved one”. (18 Dec 2018)

2.16 National Family Caregivers Month

“”Family Caregivers Month celebrated each November is a time to recognize and honor … the theme for National Family Caregivers Month annually and spearheads celebration of NFC Month nationally. … November 1 ‐ November 30, 2020.


3. International Stress Awareness Week 2nd – 9th November 2020

3.1 International Stress Awareness Week 2nd – 9th November 2020

“International Stress Awareness Week was created in 2018 to raise awareness about stress prevention, following the establishment of Stress Awareness Day in 1998”.

3.2 National Stress Awareness Day 2020 – Awareness Days

“Held on Wednesday November 4th. National Stress Awareness Day is run by the International Stress Management Association (ISMA). What is stress and why is it”…

3.3 International Stress Awareness Week 2020 | Health Assured

“22 Oct 2020 — Celebrated in the first week of November, International Stress Awareness Week is an awareness event that aims to shine a light on stress and”…

3.4 International Stress Awareness Week | ISMA Stress

International Stress Awareness Week 2nd– 6th November 2020 · Managing Stress and Mental Health Issues in the Age of Covid-19 · New Online Global Stress and”…

3.5 International Stress Awareness Week: The products that can…..

Managing stress and mental health issues in the age of Covid-19 is the theme for 2020’s International Stress Awareness Week, which runs from”..


4. Movember 2020 – Mens Health Awareness Month

4.1 Movember – Home

Movember is the leading global organisation committed to changing the face of men’s health. … Your face will raise funds and awareness for men’s health. … Run or walk 60km over the month, for the 60 men we lose to suicide every hour across … designed with men in mind, here’s a look at our top project highlights of 2020”.

4.2 Movember | Prostate Cancer UK

During Movember, men grow a moustache for the month, getting friends, family and … to have conversations about men’s health and raise funds and awareness”.

4.3 Men’s Health Awareness Month: Movember Has Arrived – Tonic

18 Nov 2019 — November, or more commonly referred to as Movember, is Men’s Health Awareness Month. During the 30 days, men commonly grow a” …

4.4 Men’s Health Awareness Month 2020

November 1 – November 30. Our fathers, partners, brothers and friends face a health crisis that isn’t being talked about. Men are dying too young”.

4.5 Mens Health Awareness Month | HCA Healthcare UK

Men’s health awareness month. 1 – 31 Movember 2020 … to ressuracte a hairy fashion trend and to raise awareness of prostate cancer and men’s health issues”.

4.6 Is November Men’s Health Month?

“Movember (a portmanteau of the Australian-English diminutive word for moustache, “mo”, and “November“) is an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide”.

4.7 Mens Health Guide – Read Our Booklet Today

“Designed specially for men, this booklet looks at the cancers that are most common in men. It also gives tips and advice on how you can be healthier and make cancer less likely. Pioneering Research. Help Prevent Cancer. Make A Donation. Sign Up For E-Newsletters”.

4.8 When was Men’s Health Week created and by whom?

“Men’s Health Week was created by Congress in 1994 to heighten awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys. The bills creating Men’s Health Week were sponsored by former Senator Bob Dole and former Congressman Bill Richardson”.

We feel very strongly about all health, but also Men’s Health. Our Dad fell in September 2016 with a life threatning Heart condition: Infective Endocarditis. This is why whenever we have an opportunity to spread awareness on health we will try our best to do so. We have a topic on Infective Endocarditis and Men’s Health Week: 15th – 21st June 2020


5. Mouth Cancer Action Month 2020

5.1 Mouth Cancer Action Month 2020

Mouth Cancer Action Month is a charity campaign which aims to raise awareness of mouth cancer and make a difference by saving”…

5.2 What are the starting symptoms of mouth cancer?

“Signs and symptoms of mouth cancer may include”:

  • “A lip or mouth sore that doesn’t heal”.
  • “A white or reddish patch on the inside of your mouth”.
  • “Loose teeth”.
  • “A growth or lump inside your mouth”.
  • “Mouth pain”.
  • “Ear pain”.
  • “Difficult or painful swallowing”. (3 Jan 2019)

5.3 Does Mouth Cancer hurt in early stages?

“In the early stagesmouth cancer rarely causes any pain. Abnormal cell growth usually appears as flat patches. A canker sore looks like an ulcer, usually with a depression in the center. The middle of the canker sore may appear white, gray, or yellow, and the edges are red”.

5.4 What age does mouth cancer occur?

“Most cases of mouth cancer first develop in older adults who are between 50-74 years of ageMouth cancer can occur in younger adults, but it’s thought that HPV infection may be responsible for the majority of cases that occur in younger people”. (13 Feb 2020)

5.5 What is the best treatment for mouth cancer?

How is oral cancer treated?

  • “Surgery. Treatment for early stages usually involves surgery to remove the tumor and cancerous lymph nodes”. …
  • “Radiation therapyRadiation therapy is another option”. …
  • “ChemotherapyChemotherapy is a treatment with drugs that kill cancer cells”. …
  • “Targeted therapy”. …
  • “Nutrition”. …
  • “Keeping your mouth healthy”.

5.6 Can dentists detect oral cancer?

“The short answer: Yes, your dentist can detect early signs of oral cancer. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), many pre-cancers and oral cancers can be found early during routine screening exams by a dentist, doctor, dental hygienist or even self-exam”. (29 Mar 2018).

5.7 What are the stages of mouth cancer?

“For oral cancer there are 5 stages – stage 0 followed by stages 1 to 4. Often the stages 1 to 4 are written as the Roman numerals I, II, III and IV. Generally, the higher the stage number, the more the cancer has spread. Talk to your doctor if you have questions about staging”.


6. Lung Cancer Awareness Month

6.1 Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2020 – Play your Part | Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Awareness Month – Play your part … We are delighted to announce the launch of our series of webinars running for the remainder of 2020”.

6.2 Lung Cancer Awareness Month – NHS Networks

Lung Cancer Awareness Month is now in its eighth year and takes place throughout November. The campaign aims to encourage people displaying the symptoms”…

6.3 Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2020 – Home | Facebook

“Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2020. 59196 likes · 39 talking about this. Lung cancer is the most common cancer worldwide. This November help us raise”…

6.4 Lung Cancer Awareness Month

“The Lung Cancer Awareness Month Coalition is a group of leading international research and advocacy organizations that partner each November in an effort to improve outcomes for lung cancer patients across the world. Unlike many other diseases, with lung cancer, there is a shocking lack of knowledge among both patients and physicians about effective risk reduction and treatment options. The Coalition seeks to fill this void, inspiring hope and achieving better results for patients in the process. Most of all, the Coalition strives to debunk the unfair assumptions and stigma associated with lung cancer by better educating the public on the disease and its causes”.

6.5 Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2020

“November 1 – November 30. Hold your #HeadHigh. Lung cancer awareness month take places every November in the UK. The aim of the”..

6.6 Cancer Awareness – be.macmillan

“Ovarian cancer awareness month Information and Poster templates. Prostate cancer awareness … Lung cancer awareness (November) Information and Poster”…


7. Bladder Health Month 2020

7.1 November is National Bladder Health Month

1 Nov 2018 — Each year, NAFC takes part in National Bladder Health Awareness Month. It’s a time to speak out about bladder health conditions, such as”…

7.2 November is National Bladder Health Month!

“We’re tipping off for Bladder Health Month! Don’t sit on the sidelines – here you can easily access a variety of resources on different bladder health conditions. Each week, the Foundation will be highlighting different bladder conditions”.

7.3 Bladder Health Month Resources – Healthcare Providers |AUGS

“Post these Bladder Health Month messages and graphics on your social media pages during the month of November to thank healthcare providers and promote”..

7.4 Campaigns we are proud to support – Bladder & Bowel UK

“This page lists a number of relevant campaigns and awareness days that Bladder and Bowel UK are … Campaigns that Bladder & Bowel UK (BBUK) are proud to support … Letters for Down Syndrome Awareness Month”; (September 4, 2020).

7.5  Bladder Health UK

“Please call Bladder Health UK for information and support on all bladder … Specialist Bladder and Bowel Nurse – Available for calls Friday 6th November 2020”.


8.  National Diabetes Month 2020

8.1 National Diabetes Month 2020

November 1 – November 30”

“November is National Diabetes Month, an opportunity for local and regional advocates to team up and work with partners across the United States to raise awareness of the illness”.

8.2 What is the color for Diabetes Awareness Month?

“Thanks to National Diabetes Awareness Month, blue is the color to flaunt this November”. (15 Oct 2012)

8.3 What month is National Diabetes Awareness Month?

“November is American Diabetes Month”.

“Every year, our community comes together to ring the alarm on the diabetes epidemic. For the millions of us who are at risk for it, it’s a time to get educated, find resources and make sure all those around us are aware of their risk, too”.

8.4 National Diabetes Month 2020 |NIDDK

“23 Oct 2020 — National Diabetes Month 2020 · Manage blood glucose levels. · Encourage healthy habits. · Stay prepared for emergencies. · Monitor for diabetes” …

8.5 National Diabetes Month 2020  Toolkit | NIDDK

National Diabetes Month 2020 Toolkit. Use the resources below to share this year’s theme, Taking Care of Youth Who Have Diabetes. Help raise awareness that” …

8.6 Diabetes UK – Know Diabetes – Diabetes UK

“We are Diabetes UK, the leading charity for people living with diabetes in the UK. Our vision is to build a world where diabetes can do no harm. Become A Volunteer. Subscribe To Newsletter. Support Key Research. Types: Type 1, Type 2, Gestational”.

Our Dad suffered from Diabetes. As a result of this we also have a topic on Diabetes/Diabetes Awareness.


9. Our Final Thoughts/YouTube Video

Life as we know it is constantly changing. Even more so with the pandemic and lockdowns returning. With everything that is going on around us, it is possible to get consumed and not be as aware of our mental health and wellbeing

In our topic, we are only touching on a few medical conditions and roles as there are many being recognised throughout the month. The following link has a more extensive list for the month. The Awareness Days Events Calendar – US, UK.

We hope this topic might be of use to someone, and we’d like to wish everyone a good day, evening night and week.



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