Profound Grief

My sister and I came across this term by chance but were intrigued to find out more and what it meant. It just so happens we could relate to this term. It spoke to us as to how we feel about our situation and the loss of our Dad. Profound felt like such a fitting […]

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Lungs and Grief

This topic has come about by chance. I typed in lungs after watching something on TV, and Google filter put lungs and Grief. Curiosity took over, I clicked to see what it might say and was surprised at what we found. Grief is something that can be hard to put into words. There are many […]

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Emotions and Grief

Throughout our topics, we have often referred to the range of emotions we experience along our journey. It seems one of the biggest emotions that has not been dealt with is opening up to the emotion of the loss of our Dad. This feels like something extremely: Major Scary Uncomfortable Unimaginable Unknown Please see Emotions […]

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