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Quite often throughout this bereavement probate process, there are times that we as a family can feel as though we would like to disappear or bury our head in the sand as though we were an ostrich.

Many days can be filled with endless tasks to complete, with everything being a priority. In these times our head feels like it’s in a constant spin and whirlwind, we can feel as though we are on a continuous hamster wheel with no possibility of things ever letting up. These times are very hard which can leave us feeling physically and mentally challenged and drained.

During these times we can feel as though we want to just lay in bed all day or lay in bed until everything is resolved. Bury our head in the sand until things are better. Unfortunately, this has never been an option for us.

We also often feel:

  • Overwhelmed
  • Anxious
  • Constantly worrying that we are making bad decisions
  • Feeling as though we are letting our Dad down (who has passed away)
  • Feeling so low, which makes us feel as though we don’t want to continue with the process.
  • Feeling so tired some days that we feel we are literally peeling ourselves out of bed
  • Feel like our patience gets tested beyond limits, which leaves us feeling like we want to just scream and shout out loud. In these low moments, I search for inspirational positive quotes and post them on my social media sites, this helps to uplift my mood and spirit.
  • Constantly feeling under pressure
  • Forgetful which can be quite frustrating, although we need to realise with everything that we are dealing with on a daily basis, with our mind often in a million places at the same time, it is no wonder that we might sometimes be forgetful.

No matter how hard things get, or if we feel as though we no longer want to be dealing with this probate process any longer, we must continue to persevere, we must continue to push through knowing that one day this process will come to an end.

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