Pneumonia (Including Choking)

This is quite a touchy subject for us. The main reason being, at the time our Dad was in the hospital we were not aware that he had acquired pneumonia. We were only made aware of this after the fact (once the final certificate was received)…. Please see Pneumonia (including Choking) which covers: Our Story […]

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© Copyright 2019 Grief Probate Journey Blog NEW CONTACTS PAGE We have added a new contacts page as we realise that the previous one was not working. We apologise for those who had tried to get in contact and did not receive a reply. We look forward to hearing from you with any comments, questions […]


Delayed Grief

We (my sister and I) weren’t even aware this was a term used. Maybe because as we’re not focusing on the word grief, it’s not something that would have entered our mind. Our experience has made the way we look at things quite altered. We don’t look at things from the mind of someone who […]

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In life, we can all feel anxious for one reason or another from time to time. We (my sister and I) can say our anxiety levels have gone through the roof throughout these past three years. And as time has gone on the levels of anxiety grow more and more to the point that: Making […]

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© Copyright 2019 Grief Probate Journey Blog Quite often throughout this bereavement probate process, there are times that we as a family can feel as though we would like to disappear or bury our head in the sand as though we were an ostrich. Many days can be filled with endless tasks to complete, with […]

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© Copyright 2019 Grief Probate Journey Blog Introduction : In honesty, due to the circumstance of our Dad passing, we as a family still have not even come to terms with it, much less been able to accept it. Therefore, I do not feel that we have even begun to grieve. It has been two […]

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