Cocoon and Grief

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Please see: Cocoon and Grief which covers:

  1. Introduction/Our Story
  2. COCOON – A Short Film About Grief and Loss – YouTube
  3. Cocoon and Grief with quotes
  4. Unprocessed Grief
  5. Our Final thoughts and YouTube Video

1. Introduction/Our Story

Sitting with my thoughts for a little second. Reflecting on life and how huge, overwhelming, and scary it can feel. It also got me thinking about our life since our Dad was hospitalised in September 2016 up until this day.

The word cocoon came to mind when thinking about how this situation affects us throughout our journey. Cocoon definitely feels like a fitting description.

Our curiosity made us decide to type in cocoon and grief to see if such a thing even exists, sure enough, it does, there are explanations of this, and this topic features what we found.

Please see Cocoon and Grief:


2. COCOON – A Short Film About Grief and Loss – YouTube

Dan Stevers

85.8K subscribers

“Words – Sh’maya Design/Animation – Tyler Morgan, Sarah Beth Hulver Music – Ryan Taubert Sound Design – Defacto Sound Producer – Dan Stevers”

COCOON- What is this? I dont recognise this

“Pain broke in, And took it all, Took the song from the Springtime, And the dance from the flame, Took the noonday warmth, And the morning hush”.

“Now the ground’s spilling beneath me, The ropes are uncoiling, The trees are leafless, The sky is torn, My breath’s a broken feather, There’s no beauty left, There’s nothing here for me I’m paper-thin, I’m in a room of shadows and it’s caving in, I’m turning in circles, I’m giving up, The world is giddy, The sense is gone, The floor is an ocean, I’m sinking in”.

“Where are You now?, Where is Your touch?, Where is the reason? The answer?, The end?, Now I’m chasing Your shadow, And I’m grasping for questions, I’m calling out, I’m asking why?”.

“Yet when I turn You turn, When I reach You reach, And in the searing burn, You wait for me, Dress my tears in kisses, Cradle my grief, Touch me in the silence, Hold me in the heat, And when the ragings rush, Drown me in defeat, I make my bed of dust, And you lie with me”.

Music in this video Learn more

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Song The Realisation

Artist City & Vine

Album Beautifully Fragile

Licensed to YouTube by

Ingrooves (on behalf of City & Vine), and 2 music rights societie


3. Cocoon and Grief with quotes

3.1 Cocoon and Grief quotes

3.2 The Healing Cocoon – Today’s Catholic

11 May 2010 – We may find the need along our grief journey to cocoon ourselves and take time away, to just “be.” That may entail giving ourselves permission”.

3.3 Excerpt: Grief is a Cocoon | Dream: A Guide to Grief

A free excerpt from Kristi Smith’s book “DREAM… A Guide to Grieving Gracefully.” Grief, like a cocoon is a process. We should trust that process”.

3.4 Cocoon to Butterfly – Habits of Resilience

“26 Jul 2016 – Here is their collected wisdom about being social in the midst of grief. Social? The last thing most new grievers want is to be social”.


4. Unprocessed Grief

4.1 Unprocessed Grief, Are you stuck in it? – Robin Chodak

“Grief is a normal reaction to loss but unprocessed grief causes you to get into a stuck state. Learn the warning signs and get the help needed”.

4.2 Understanding Unresolved Grief: What is it? What are the symptoms?

“13 Mar 2017 – Grief is an emotion that all of us experience. Those suffering from unresolved grief are overwhelmed, unable to cope”.

4.3 How to process grief while in quarantine – Quartz

7 May 2020 – As so many are learning in this pandemic, making space for grief while in … you compared the grieving process to the caterpillar in the cocoon”.


5. Our final thoughts and YouTube video

We are living through trying and uncertain times right now. The Coronavirus pandemic is enough to make you feel isolated, and even feeling as if this isolation is keeping you cocooned. Add to that grief and other losses, there is quite a lot of feelings and emotions to be dealing with. In these moments, although sometimes easier said than done, we would advise if you have someone to reach out to, you should do that.

Talking and sharing experiences can make a great difference. Our mental health and wellbeing is always important, but even more so during the current times that we are living through worldwide.

One of the main reasons we started our blog was to share our experiences in the hope of helping others, so if this topic reaches out to even one person, then part of our purpose will be fulfilled. We hope you all are keeping safe, and we wish you a safe and blessed day and week ahead.

Our YouTube video


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