Family and Grief

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Please see: Family and Grief which covers:

  1. Introduction
  2. YouTube Video Grief in the Family
  3. Quotes on Family and Grief
  4. Quotes on Grief
  5. Family and Grief
  6. Our Final Thoughts/YouTube Video

1. Introduction

Sitting processing our thoughts for a moment. Family and grief came to mind. We googled it and was pleasantly surprised by what we found.

The feeling of family came to mind as: Within our family, although our parents divorced when I was 8 and my sister was 11, our unit remained close. So close to the point that the last family celebration meals which included our Dad which we were fortunate and blessed to celebrate together as a family before he took ill in 2016 were:

  • Antonio’s Birthday January 2016
  • Romero’s Birthday March 2016
  • Father’s Day June 2016 🙏🏿
  • Our Dad’s 79th Birthday 🙏🏿 June 2016
  • My 37th Birthday August 2016

In honesty, it is heart-breaking to know these were the last time’s we would celebrate together as a whole family. For our Dad to no longer be in our lives, is simply indescribable…. we were thinking of:

  • The plan’s for our Dad’s 80th Birthday
  • Another family reunion in Barbados. (This had actually been booked for the same year our Dad sadly passed away).

There are no words to explain how we were feeling, not even mentioning the conditions in which our Dad passed away. We had one thing after another after another to deal with, all at the same time. Extremely:

  • Testing
  • Trying
  • Difficult
  • Overwhelming time’s

This is just listing a few emotions.

So, getting back to the subject of family. Although my sister and I were extremely busy with sorting our Dad’s affairs, our focus was even more so on our Mum.

She is the only parent we have left. Her mental state of mind and wellbeing was even more important.

Although life will NEVER EVER be the same without our Dad. We have still kept our traditions of celebrating life and birthdays. Wherever possible we would go to our Dad’s resting place first, lay some flowers, and then go for our meal.

As a unit my Mum, Sis and I and the nephews have become closer than ever before. We would like to share with you a few of our treasured memories.

Seeing these pictures seems almost surreal. And they are bittersweet. Seeing our Dad looking healthy, enjoying and living life with us all. It still is unbelievable that he is no longer here with us. It’s a sadness that lives with us every day. And in times and moments like this time of year, we try our best to remember good time’s shared and spent together. Precious and priceless memories.

Please see: Family and Grief


2. YouTube Video: Grief in the Family

Concord Media

8.3K subscribers

This animated film looks at the ways children and young people respond to grief, and how people can help.

When someone dies, life for those who were close to them will never be the same again. Bereavement is particularly hard for families. At a time when children are in need of extra support, so are their parents and carers. This animated film by Leeds Animation Workshop looks at the ways children and young people respond to grief, and what adults around them can do to help. It gives parents and carers an insight into the process of grieving, its physical and emotional effects, and the special needs of children and young people. Stressing the importance of listening to children and answering their questions honestly, it encourages the development of communication and a supportive family environment. Includes a booklet containing background information. Available with subtitles for deaf people.

Distributed by Concord Media





3.  Quotes on Family and Grief


4. Quotes on Grief


5. Family and Grief

5.1 Coping with bereavement – Family Lives

Grief is the reaction of over-riding intense pain and emotion that follows on from the death of someone who has been close to us. There is no single way to grieve”.

5.2 How does bereavement affect families?

“The death of a close family member has been shown to be a risk factor for children and young people. Bereavement in childhood have been shown to link to: lower academic attainment. lower aspirations for continued learning.15 Nov 2018The death of a close family member has been shown to be a risk factor for children and young people. Bereavement in childhood have been shown to link to: lower academic attainment. lower aspirations for continued learning. (15 Nov 2018).

5.3 Family Misunderstanding After a Death – Whats Your Grief

“When someone dies, the whole family system is thrown off. Grieving family members find themselves disinterested and/or incapable of behaving in the ways”…

5.4 We all grieve differently and that’s okay

“We all grieve differently, and that’s okay”

5.5 Dealing with Grief: Grief & the Family | Dr. Christina Hibbert

Family Roles & Grief. Dealing with grief poses unique challenges for each family member’s role. Parents may find it challenging to maintain their previous sense of”…

5.6 How do you help a grieving family?

5. Be willing to “go there” with them

  1. “Be present for the tears, anger, and outbursts without judgment”.
  2. “Sit in silence”.
  3. “Talk about the person who died – say their name, share memories, bring them up”.
  4. “Just let the bereaved person cry”.
  5. “Offer validation and/or normalize the experience”.

5.7 Family Grief: Five Keys to Grieving Well Together |Psychology Today UK

20 Aug 2019 — Part 1: How can families collectively grieve a loss when everybody’s pain looks different? A few guidelines go a long way”.

5.8 Families in Grief – Supporting Grieving Families in North Devon

“Families in Grief supports children, young people and their families who have experienced the death of someone close to them”.

5.9 How to Support a Grieving Family Member or Friend: 6 Principles – What’s Your Grief

5. Be willing to “go there” with them. Something people often express their appreciation for is having friends and family who are willing to be present for” …

5.10 Open to Hope, Support for Dealing with Death, Grief, Loss

“Giving a Voice to Grief and Recovery. Open to Hope ® is a non-profit with the mission of helping people find hope after loss. We invite you to read, listen and”…


6. Our Final Thoughts/YouTube Video

Grief is an individual process. No two person’s will feel the same emotion or be affected by a loss in the same way. It has been known to say that grief is as individual as a finger print. This is something that my sister and I are learning more and more as we move through our journey whilst sharing our story.

As we are approaching Christmas many people are suffering from losses, not necessarily through the loss of someone, but it could be loss of the life we once knew as here in the UK we have entered tier 4. A tier that we were not previously aware of, nor were we prepared for this situation and the new rules that have been enforced with it.

In this current situation we are living through worldwide, my sister and I are trying ouir best to hold on to what is precious to us, such as as priceless memories and things that make us smile.

This blog is also something that is helping us to push through our grief and also the current situation. What is also helping us through has always been the tremendous love and support we have around us. We are forever and always grateful for this and we know that we are truly blessed.

As we are approaching the holiday season we wish anyone who reads this that they have a safe, peaceful and joyful time as possible.

Love and blessings to you all.


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