January Thyroid Disease Awareness Month 2021

As part of our journey, we try to also spread awareness about medical conditions, or causes that we feel could possibly be underrepresented, or might not be very well known. As an example, I (Tara) at the age of 16 was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease. At that time, I had no idea what that was or what it even meant. To hear such a term at that age and know it is something that I had just been diagnosed with, it came as quite a shock….

Please see: Thyroid Awareness Month 2021 which covers:

  1. Introduction/Our Story
  2. Illustrative examples/Quotes: Thyroid Awareness Month 2021
  3. Thyroid Awareness Month 2021
  4. Illustrative examples/Quotes: Graves’ Disease
  5. Graves’ Disease
  6. Illustrative examples and YouTube video: Underactive Thyroid
  7. Underactive Thyroid Gland
  8. Illustrative examples/Quotes: Overactive Thyroid
  9. Overactive Thyroid
  10. Thyroid Disease and Menopause
  11. Men and Thyroid Disease
  12. Our Final Thoughts/YouTube Video

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27th January 2021: Owing to some very useful comments since publishing this topic, it has recently been updated to include: Thyroid Disease and Menopauase, and Men and Thyroid Disease

1. Introduction/Our Story

As part of our journey, we try to also spread awareness about medical conditions, or causes that we feel could possibly be underrepresented, or might not be well known. As an example, when our Dad was hospitalised in September 2016, he was diagnosed with Infective Endocarditis this is a serious life threatening heart condition. We had never heard of this before. Unfortunately, due to this diagnosis, our Dad then contracted many other infections. This was one of the reasons we decided that we wanted to share and highlight possible unknown medical conditions in our blog. (We also have a topic on Infective Endocarditis).

We became aware that it is January Thyroid Disease Awareness Month, this is a condition that is relatable to us as a family and so we felt it was only natural that we made it a topic.

As another example of unknown medical conditions, I (Tara) at the age of 16 was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease. At that time, I had no idea what that was or what it even meant. To hear such a term at that age and know it is something that I had just been diagnosed with, it came as quite a shock.

My main symptoms at the time were I had lost a significant amount of weight, I also developed a sore throat, but one like no other I had ever experienced before, it felt like sharp knives were scraping at my throat, it was such a horrible and unbearable pain.

Throughout the years since my diagnosis I have been both underactive and overactive in very short periods of time, this was due to the dose of my medication not being the correct balance for me. I went on to develop a goitre, this would become very uncomfortable when my neck was as it largest. I have had two operations because of my condition. I am now:

  • Underactive
  • On Thyroid medication for life
  • I am also taking calcium medication for life, this is due to my Parathyroid Gland being bruised and then damaged in my surgeries (this is one of the known risks/complications with Thyroid surgery).
  • I am required to have a annual blood test to monitor my condition

At the age of 18, I also suffered from high blood pressure because of this (I was treated with a high dose of medication to cure the symptoms). My condition and diagnosis was first briefly mentioned in our topic on Stress and Blood Pressure. We did this as a topic as I am again suffering from high blood pressure. (It is not related to my thyroid this time).

Thyroid condition is relatable to us as a family as not only was I diagnosed with Graves Disease, but our Dad was also diagnosed with Thyroid problems.

Quite recently, my sister and I have been worried about our Mum as we have noticed drastic changes in her that were causing us great concern and worry. Naturally, when a parent is unwell you worry as this is your parent who brought you into this world, but for us, this was even more of a worry as it transported us back to the times when our Dad was in the hospital and the concerns we raised felt as though they fell upon deaf ears.

Thankfully, that was not the case this time, we had concerns, we raised them with our doctor, our Mum had various tests done, and she has been diagnosed with Underactive Thyroid. Our Mum has various other illnesses, so it isn’t really the greatest that this recent diagnosis is one more to add to the list. But for my sister and I, and also our Mum, we are thankful and grateful that we now have answers to our concerns, worries and fears, and now that our Mum has the necessary treatment, we are moving forward with positivity that we will start to see improvements in her health.

For these reasons, we wanted to make this a topic to help to share and spread awareness about this condition.

Please see January Thyroid Disease Awareness Month 2021:


2. Illustrative examples/Quotes: Thyroid Awareness Month 2021


3. Thyroid Awareness Month 2021

3.1 THYROID AWARENESS MONTH – January 2021 |National Day

Why Thyroid Awareness Month is Important · It emphasizes the vital purpose of the thyroid · It encourages us to get tested · It promotes early treatment”.

3.2 British Thyroid Foundation

“The British Thyroid Foundation supports people with thyroid disorders and works with patients and medical professionals to provide information that is reliable”…

3.3 Thyroid UK: Home

If You Are Undiagnosed. Includes endocrine system overview, symptoms of thyroid conditions, and getting a diagnosis. … Join us. Become a member, raise awareness, share your story and help with our network. … January 16, 2021”…

3.4 Thyroid Awareness Month – Ashtead Hospital

January has been Thyroid awareness month. … Within the UK, it is estimated that 1 in 20 people are affected, with a significantly higher prevalence amongst”…

3.5 Thyroid Awareness Month – Personal Diagnostics

14 Jan 2020 — Any questions? Feel free to call our helpful customer service team on 03333 110055; info@personaldiagnostics.co.uk. or alternatively use our”…

3.6 January is Thyroid Awareness Month: Calling Attention To

“January Is Thyroid Awareness Month: Calling Attention To Thyroid Disease In Seniors. January is “Thyroid Awareness Month,” which calls attention to the various”…

3.7 January is Thyroid Awareness Month ∙ Community Health


3.8 January is Thyroid Awareness Month |Paloma Health

As part of Thyroid Awareness Month this January, Paloma Health is providing … For Thyroid Awareness Month 2021, Paloma Health invites you to share your”…

3.9 Thyroid Awareness Month 2021 – The Invisible Hypothyroidism

Every year, January is Thyroid Awareness Month. A month dedicated to talking about thyroid disease – the conditions and symptoms, importance of diagnosis”…


4. Illustrative examples/Quotes: Graves’ Disease



5. Graves’ Disease

5.1 Graves’ Disease |NIDDK

“Gravesdisease is an autoimmune disorder that causes hyperthyroidism, or overactive thyroid. With this disease, your immune system attacks the thyroid and causes it to make more thyroid hormone than your body needs. The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland in the front of your neck”.

5.2 Graves’ Disease: Overview, Causes, and Symptoms – Healthline

Gravesdisease is an autoimmune disorder. It causes your thyroid gland to create too much thyroid hormone in the body. This condition is known as”…

5.3 Graves’ Disease – What is Graves’ Disease and What Causes It?

30 Sept 2020 — Gravesdisease is an autoimmune condition that causes your thyroid to become hyperactive — work harder than it needs to. It is one of the most”…

5.4 Graves’ Disease Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and treatments

25 Oct 2020 — If you’re diagnosed with Gravesdisease, it means that your thyroid is making more thyroid hormone than your body needs, and it most often”…

5.5 Graves’ Disease | Womenshealth.gov

“18 Oct 2018 — Gravesdisease. Gravesdisease is an autoimmune disease that damages the thyroid gland. Gravesdisease affects more women than men. It is”…

5.6 Graves’ Disease: Symptoms, treatment and causes

Gravesdisease involves an overactive thyroid gland and results in an overproduction of thyroid hormones, or hyperthyroidism. It is relatively easy to treat”.

5.7 Grave’s Disease – Symptoms and causes – Mayo Clinic

“5 Dec 2020 — Gravesdisease is an immune system disorder that results in the overproduction of thyroid hormones (hyperthyroidism). Although a number of”…


6. Illustrative examples and YouTube video: Underactive Thyroid

6.1 YouTube Video

How a thyroid gland can become underactive

Bupa Health UK

50.7K subscribers

Having an underactive thyroid slows down the body’s metabolism, leading to symptoms including tiredness and putting on weight. Find out more here: http://bit.ly/N04D6d The content is intended for general information only and does not replace the need for personal advice from a qualified health professional.


7. Underactive Thyroid

7.1 Underactive Thyroid (Hypothyroidism) – NHS

“Common signs of an underactive thyroid are tiredness, weight gain and feeling depressed. An underactive thyroid can often be successfully treated by taking daily hormone tablets to replace the hormones your thyroid is not making. There’s no way of preventing an underactive thyroid”.

7.2 How does an underactive thyroid affect you?

“Hypothyroidism can affect your metabolism, mental functions, energy level, and bowel movements. Depending on how low your thyroid hormone production drops, your symptoms might be mild to severe. Sometimes symptoms like fatigue”.

7.3 What are the signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism?

  • “Feeling cold when other people do not”.
  • “Constipation”.
  • “Muscle weakness”.
  • “Weight gain, even though you are not eating more food”.
  • “Joint or muscle pain”.
  • “Feeling sad or depressed”.
  • “Feeling very tired”.
  • “Pale, dry skin”.

7.4 What are early warning signs of thyroid problems?

Because our biological functions are so often tied to our hormones, there are a number of symptoms that could indicate an issue with your thyroid.

  • “High Heart Rate”. …
  • “Excessive Tiredness”. …
  • “Anxiety”. …
  • “Weight Gain or Loss”. …
  • “Body Shakes”. …
  • “Feeling Chilly or Overheated”. …
  • “Trouble Concentrating”. …
  • “Hair Loss”.

7.5 What foods to avoid if you have an underactive thyroid?

Which nutrients are harmful?

  • “Soy foods: tofu, tempeh, edamame, etc”.
  • “Certain vegetables: cabbage, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, spinach, etc”.
  • “Fruits and starchy plants: sweet potatoes, cassava, peaches, strawberries, etc”.
  • “Nuts and seeds: millet, pine nuts, peanuts, etc”.

7.6 What’s the connection between the thyroid and fertility?

“What can happen if you get pregnant with a thyroid disorder? … levels of thyroid hormones due to an …29 Jan 2020 · Uploaded by Modern Fertility”


8. Illustrative examples/Quotes: Overactive Thyroid



9. Overactive Thyroid

9.1 Can you suddenly develop an overactive thyroid?

“An overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) can cause a wide range of symptoms, although it’s unlikely you‘ll experience all of them. The symptoms may develop gradually or suddenly. For some people they’re mild, but for others they can be severe and significantly affect their life”.

9.2 How do you get an overactive thyroid gland?

“Causes of an overactive thyroid”

“lumps (nodules) on the thyroid – this extra thyroid tissue can produce thyroid hormones, causing your levels to be too high. some medicines such as amiodarone, which can be used to treat an irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia)”

9.3 Will overactive thyroid go away?

“Hyperthyroidism typically does not go away on its own. Most people need treatment to make hyperthyroidism go away. After treatment, many people develop hypothyroidism (too little thyroid hormone)”.

9.4 What activates the thyroid gland?

“The hypothalamus and the pituitary gland, which are located in the brain, help control the thyroid gland. The hypothalamus releases thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH), which stimulates the pituitary gland to release thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)”.

9.5 Is a thyroid problem serious?

“If your body makes too much thyroid hormone, you can develop a condition called hyperthyroidism. If your body makes too little thyroid hormone, it’s called hypothyroidism. Both conditions are serious and need to be treated by your healthcare provider”. (19 Apr 2020).

9.6 How can I check my thyroid at home?

“Hold a handheld mirror in your hand, focusing on the lower front area of your neck, above the collarbones, and below the voice box (larynx). Your thyroid gland is located in this area of your neck. 2. While focusing on this area in the mirror, tilt your head back”. (16 Apr 2015).

9.7 Overactive Thyroid – illnesses & conditions | NHS Inform

“Excess levels of thyroid hormones can then speed up the body’s metabolism, triggering a … Read more about the symptoms of an overactive thyroid gland … the most common being Graves’ disease, in which the body’s immune system targets”…


10. Thyroid Disease and Menopause

10.1 Thyroid and Menopause | British Thyroid Foundation

2 Sept 2019 — Thyroid hormone plays a key role in maintaining healthy bones. In post menopausal women, hyperthyroidism is a risk factor for sustaining a hip”…

10.2 Can menopause cause thyroid problems?

This condition affects the thyroid gland. People with this condition produce a low amount of thyroid hormone. Hypothyroidism and menopause share some symptoms. Hypothyroidism is also most common in middle-aged women”….

10.3 Can menopause affect thyroid medication?

“Thyroid disorders may cause similar symptoms to the menopause. HRT and phytoestrogen supplements don’t seem to affect normal thyroid function, but may reduce the absorption of thyroxine medication in those with hypothyroidism. Women considering taking alternative. (2 Sept 2019)

10.4 How can you tell the difference between thyroid and menopause?

“Some symptoms of hypothyroidism are similar to symptoms reported during the menopause transition. These include fatigue, forgetfulness, mood swings, weight gain, irregular menstrual cycles, and cold intolerance. Hyperthyroidism (an overactive thyroid) occurs when the thyroid produces too much of its hormones”.

10.5 Thyroid Disease and Menopause: Symptoms, Causes…

“ 12 Dec 2019 — While symptoms such as fatigue, depression, mood swings, and sleep disturbances are frequently associated with menopause, they may also be”…

10.6 Thyroid Disease and Menopause: Is There a Connection? – Healthline

Hypothyroidism can increase or worsen symptoms of menopause. A research study from 2007 showed that women with a thyroid disorder and severe menopause experienced improved symptoms after getting treated for the thyroid disorder. This suggests that treating thyroid disorders can help manage menopause symptoms”.

10.7 Menopause or a Thyroid Problem | The North American Menopause Society…

“Some symptoms of hyperthyroidism can also mimic those of the menopause transition, including hot flashes, heat intolerance, palpitations (short episodes of rapid …”

10.8 You Think It’s Menopause. But Could It Be Your Thyroid? – Health From…

“6 Nov 2019 — “Thyroid disorders are often diagnosed around the time of menopause, or between the ages of 45 and 55,” says Dr. Kellis. “Many women pass off”…

10.9 What’s the Link Between Thyroid Disease and Menopause? – VeryWell Health

“Effects of thyroid disease overlap with or worsen some physical changes of menopause. Thyroid hormones and estrogen have an influence on each other”.

10.10 Thyroid and menopause: Explaining the link – Medical News Today

“Risks and complications. Thyroid problems can increase the risk of complications that are associated with menopause. For instance, during menopause, women”…

10.11 11 Tips for Managing Menopause and Thyroid Disease

“25 Jul 2017 — The Symptoms of Perimenopause/Menopause and Thyroid Are Almost Identical. Hypothyroidism can also cause amenorrhea (absence of”…

10.12 The thyroid gland in postmenopausal women: physiology and…

“30 Jun 2017 — The incidence of most thyroid diseases: hypothyroidism, nodular goitre, and cancer is highest among postmenopausal and elderly women”.

10.13 Menopause and thyroid function – BOOST Thyroid: Hashimoto’s and….

“9 Aug 2019 — Some symptoms of menopause overlap with symptoms of an underactive thyroid: fatigue, problems with focus and memory, anxiety, and muscle”..


11. Men and Thyroid Disease

11.1 Can a man have an underactive thyroid?

“Both men and women can have an underactive thyroid, although it’s more common in women. Children can also develop an underactive thyroid and some babies are born with it”.

11.2 Hyperthyroidism in Men: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and..

“21 Feb 2019 — In particular, an overactive thyroid can contribute to erectile dysfunction (ED), as well as a low sperm count. Premature balding can also be a sign of hyperthyroidism in men. Too much thyroid hormone can also cause lower levels of testosterone, which can lead to several complications”.

11.3 What Men Should Know About Thyroid Disease | Southwest General

“23 Jan 2020 — Symptoms in Men · Hair loss · Low sex drive · Low sperm count · Delayed ejaculation · Erectile dysfunction · Loss of muscle mass · Lowered”…

11.4 Hypothyroidism in Men: What Are Underactive Thyroid Symptoms? | Men’s Health

“20 Nov 2017 — Hypothyroidism is different from hyperthyroidism, or an overactive thyroid, which occurs when your gland produces too much of the thyroid”…

11.5 Thyroid Disease in Men: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment

“Symptoms in Men · Balding/hair loss · Lower sex drive · Decreased testosterone levels · Gynecomastia, male breast enlargement (hyperthyroidism)5 · Loss of muscle”…

11.6 What are symptoms of thyroid problems in males?

The most common symptoms are”:

  • “Feeling cold”.
  • “Tiring easily”.
  • “Dry skin and brittle nails”.
  • “Constipation”.
  • “Depression”.
  • “Trouble concentrating”.
  • “Sore muscles”.
  • “Weight gain”.

11.7 What causes thyroid problems in males?

“A condition known as Graves’ disease is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism for men, though women are still more likely to develop this autoimmune disorder. Having Graves’ disease means your immune system mistakenly attacks a healthy thyroid gland, causing it to produce too much thyroid hormone. (21 Feb 2019).

11.8 Can males have thyroid issues?

www.goodrx.com (This link is unavailable outside of the USA)

“Studies show that between 3% to 16% of men can get hypothyroidism, and the risk goes up as you get older. Women are 5 to 10 times more likely to have hypothyroidism than men. This is because the main cause of hypothyroidism is an autoimmune disease, and these are more common in women”. (14 Apr 2020).


12. Our Final Thoughts/YouTube Video

Throughout the years living with the conditions that I do, I have learnt the importance of listening to my body and knowing when something is wrong. This is also what we do as a family.

As individuals, we all know our body, we know when something is wrong, and in these situations, it is best to listen and try to act upon what our body is showing us.

It can be easier said than done at times, because your body could be talking to you letting you know something is wrong, and even though you are aware you could be preoccupied with something else that it seems impossible to act on.

In our Dads situation when he was in the hospital we always raised concerns when we noticed things were not right, and this is because we know our Dad and could notice changes in him almost immediately.

The same can be said with our Mum, we knew something was not right, she was not herself. We were struggling to think what could be the matter, but to ease our worries and fears we phoned our Doctor. We are so happy we did so as we are now aware we were correct, something was wrong, our Mum is suffering from Underactive Thyroid gland. We are very pleased to know what is wrong, and we are moving forward with faith and positivity we will see improvements in our Mums health.



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