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November 2021

272 Followers WOW! This makes us smile and makes us feel humbled and grateful, and for that, we want to say a HUGE MASSIVE THANK YOU.

WordPress is the site on which our blog is hosted, and so we are happy to know we have become integrated between the vast amount of talented, authentic, creative people who share their stories and experiences.

We appreciate our followers and are so thankful to all those who like, follow, share their experiences, and share and comment on our topics. All of these things help my sister and I to feel as though we had valid reasons for sharing our story.

When thinking about sharing our story we didn’t have a clue how we would do it or make it possible, but because I (Tara) had some experience of using WordPress from my previous job role this is where the idea came from. It was not an easy road as many things had changed in WordPress since I had last used it, but with tutorials and perseverance, our site was created.

We published our very first official blog topic in June 2019: What’s next, and two years and five months later, thankfully we have not looked back since.

My sister and I are on a journey, a journey since our Dad was hospitalised in September 2016, sadly passing away in March 2017. However, the blog is taking us on its own journey. We have been opened up to a world of bloggers that we did not know existed, we have become integrated into communities and a special network of support and sharing and uplifting of talents, medical conditions, grief, art, health and wellbeing, gardening, cookery, photography, we appreciate it all.

Once again, we would like to say a big, massive thank you to everyone who has become part of our journey, we appreciate you all.

We look forward to the future hoping that we can continue sharing our story and meeting more great inspiring people.

Love and blessings

Grief Probate Journey

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