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Hello, Tara and Tanya Greene here.

We have now officially published our site and announced it to our friends. As it’s now official we thought we’d give a further brief introduction. The purpose of this blog is to share our experience as we continue on this journey.

This is in honour of and justice for our late Father, our powerhouse. May he R.I.E.P. (Please see our topic on: Making a Complaint).

In this blog, we talk about grief and what we have learned, and we also talk about what we feel to be “The unknown”. The legal requirements after losing a loved one. This will be based on UK Law .

This has been one of the hardest situations and processes that we have faced in our lives. We have been battling against almost every establishment that we’ve had to deal with along the way. It has been a long road that is still ongoing. We always knew we wanted to help people, but we do not think we were really taking in the fact it would mean exposing our thoughts and feelings until we actually started writing it. It is all still raw and painful for us, which did have us questioning are we really ready to do this?. Is it the right thing to do?

Our driving force is the overwhelming struggle that we are enduring and knowing the person our Dad was. He would always:

  • Fight for his rights
  • Question injustice

He would do this not only for himself but, also campaigning for others. This is what pushes us forward to arm people with the knowledge of the unknown and unspoken. That we have learnt along the way.

We are also very pleased with the initial feedback we have had so far. It has been very encouraging, complimentary, uplifting and motivational. At the same time it is giving us the drive to continue with our story.

As we progress through our journey we will share topics such as probate and much more. This will be based on UK Law as well as our own experiences.

Thank you

The Greene Family


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