Grief Probate Journey Making a Comeback

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September 2022

We are Grief Probate Journey. Our Dad who we love and miss every day, who sadly passed away in March 2017 is the reason why we eventually started this blog in 2019.

We have been on pause for the past three months. This is because we, unfortunately, became victims of hackers. Our Official Grief Probate Instagram account has been hacked. At the time we had over 1,000 followers. The account is still active and we have not got it back. ______ggrief_probate______zzz THIS IS THE HACKED ACCOUNT username/handle. If you are following this account, please report and unfollow.

We did a topic on the hacking at the time (May 2022). And have linked to our topic on Who We Are Why We’re here, for those who might be new to our page. We will also do a topic on our hacking experience.

Before the hacking, we were growing in our Journey and growing with the community of Grief and our followers who became our friends. Enjoying the variety of followers from gardening to photography, to nature and animals. We welcomed these variances as combined this is a representation of our Dad. We reached our third year of blogging and were trying to come to terms with this achievement. We had so many plans for future projects. And then it all came crashing down on that day in May 2022.

This experience has been something else. Mentally it has been a lot to take on. It felt like a violation of another level, like part of us was and is still missing.

Three years of our hard work dedicated to our Dad were gone just like that. And whilst we were working hard to try and get our Instagram account back, little did we know they were getting into more and more platforms, even getting access to my phone and laptop. It felt like they were trying to erase us completely from social media.

Because of this, and really wanting to get our Instagram page back we haven’t been present.

Our Journey has been a battle. One to try and keep our Dad alive when he was enduring such a terrible illness for seven months. And when he sadly passed away, we were then making a complaint against the hospital where he was an inpatient, as well as sorting his affairs and dealing with matters of Probate and Inheritance Tax. (We plan on doing updated topics on both matters).

Our Dad was diagnosed with Infective Endocarditis in September 2016. This is a serious life-threatening heart condition that we had never heard of. Sadly because of the initial diagnosis he also suffered many other life-threatening conditions such as Sepsis. We have topics on:

Our Dad was a strong-willed courageous, funny thoughtful kind family man. The list of his qualities is endless. We have a topic on Our Dad’s Story which goes into more detail about the great man and person that he was.

We have also been dealing with the fact that we are not going to get anywhere with the complaint against the hospital in which our Dad was an inpatient. We found this out in March this year. It has been one of the biggest blows we have experienced along our journey. We truly believed that no matter what in some way shape or form, justice would be served. Now we feel silenced and as though we are supposed to accept the way things turned out for our Dad. (We have a topic on: Making a Complaint)

Each time we feel we are progressing in some way, it’s like we are taking many more steps backwards. The combination of the hospital complaint and the hacking felt like the final blow. We didn’t have the strength, motivation or anything within us. Not to mention, no confidence or self-esteem. But through the continued encouragement and support we see and feel we cannot let the hackers win. We had a purpose and still do. And this is why we are starting over and coming back. We also believe that we will find a way to get our voices heard for the situation with our Dad and the hospital complaint. We haven’t lost hope or faith.

We appreciate every single person who has been so encouraging and supportive during these times. We honestly couldn’t have made it through without you all.

We are thankful to those who continue to read, share, and follow our blog Worldwide. To know this is still happening despite not publishing something in three months truly means a lot to us. We want to continue making our Dad proud and contributing to creating change about matters surrounding Grief, health, mental wellbeing, and any matters that are not often spoken about enough.

We wanted to create a platform to share our experiences and hopefully help others who might be going through something similar or know someone who is going through something similar. This has been a setback for us, but with continued support, we hope to still be present for many more years to come.

Love and Blessings to you all

Grief Probate Journey


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