Regaining life after the pandemic

This is a topic that came about when thinking about how much life changed so dramatically, due to the pandemic, and how different things are now that things are starting to return to “normal”………

Please see Regaining life after the pandemic which covers:

  1. Introduction
  2. Regaining life after the pandemic
  3. Post lockdown Anxiety
  4. Post-Pandemic Mental Health
  5. Our final thoughts
  6. Our YouTube Video

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1. Introduction

This is a topic that came about when thinking about how much life changed so dramatically, due to the pandemic, and how different things are now that things are starting to return to “normal”. The world we once knew completely changed in almost the blink of an eye. Everything that we knew about everyday life and routines came to a halt. We had to adjust to a way of living that we’d never experienced before. It was surreal times. It had many impacts, mentally, and physically. And even though the restrictions have been lifted, the lasting effects could still be there for many people.

The pandemic changed me, I am not the same person I was before all of this. It changed me to levels that I didn’t even realise. Because of the restrictions and concerns for our Mum, going out was strictly for shopping purposes only. But for my sister and I, we were not going on public transport for the fear of catching Covid and bringing it back to our Mum. I wasn’t even going to my sister’s house. If I had to do anything for her, I would leave it at her front door and then go. I remember when restrictions lifted and I went to the park with my sister. It felt like I was doing something that I had never done before.

Because staying inside was the rule, I almost became too conditioned to that way of living, and so when restrictions were lifted, I felt like what now…. It took me a long while to start going out and socialising again, and when I did it felt weird, to see people in person once again.

In honesty, I only started going on public transport again in late 2021, and last year 2022 is when I started making conscious efforts to start going and socialising with my friends.

To this day I feel I am still conditioned to not going out unless completely necessary, and so when I do go out it does still feel strange, as in, I am out around people. Despite these feelings, I know that starting to go out again was the best decision I made, and I do not want to fade back into that phase.

It is 2023, and I am still feeling this way. My sister and I are aware this pandemic hit and affected people worldwide, unfortunately, some countries are back into lockdown. It is for these reasons we decided to do this as a topic.

Please see Regaining life after the pandemic:


2. Regaining life after the pandemic

2. 1 How do I get back to normal life?

On this page

  1. “Go at your own pace”.
  2. “Do not avoid things entirely”.
  3. “Get your information from the right sources”.
  4. “Discuss any changes with others”.
  5. “Make time to relax”.
  6. “Challenge unhelpful thoughts”.
  7. “Tell someone how you feel”.
  8. “Plan social occasions”.


3. Post Lockdown Anxiety

3.1 What is post lockdown anxiety?

“With lockdown restrictions lifted, you might find you’re feeling a mixture of emotions. While there might be some things you’re really looking forward to, there may be others that leave you feeling overwhelmed or anxious”.

3.2 How do you deal with post lockdown anxiety?

“Start slowly. Lockdown reduced daily life to a smaller, more-easily managed range of predictable routines and removed some of the pressures, such as travel or social situations, that can often be triggers for anxiety or panic attacks”. (1 May 2022).

3.3 How do I overcome stress and anxiety caused by pandemic?

Here are some ways you can manage stress, anxiety, grief, or worry:

  1. “Take breaks from news stories, including those on social media”. …
  2. “Take care of your body: Staying physically healthy can improve your emotional well-being”. …
  3. “Limit alcohol intake”.


4. Post-Pandemic Mental Health

4.1 Coronavirus and mental health |Mental Health Foundation

“After living in a pandemic for so long, you may be feeling exhausted, fed up, depressed or anxious. You may have experienced bereavement, furlough or”…

4.2 How did the pandemic affect mental health UK?

“What we found. While adults and young people have struggled with loneliness, young people were more likely to say that loneliness made their mental health worse during the pandemic. Young people are also more likely to use negative coping mechanisms, like self-harm and spending too much time on social media”.

4.3 Coronavirus Information & Support – Mental Health UK

“Whether you’re keen to integrate back into pre-pandemic life or still largely staying at home, it’s normal for Covid-19 to still present us stress and”…

4.4 How Different Personality Types May Adapt to Life After…..

(3 Aug 2022) — “People with different personality types may adjust differently after the pandemic. Learn how you may cope with the return to normalcy”, …

4.5 Coronavirus and Mental Health | Covid-19 Support

“It’s natural to still worry and feel the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. This might make you feel hopeless about the future and like life is out”…


5. Our Final thoughts

We did this topic to recognise and acknowledge that even though restrictions have been lifted, the impact created might not have disappeared. During these times, there are people that might not be okay, having good days and bad days. But this is okay. Worldwide we have been through so much in a short space of time with hardly much time to register and understand what was going on. Taking care of ourselves and acknowledging our feelings is something we should try to do.

We hope this topic might be of use to those who read it.


6. Our YouTube Video



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