May Awareness Month 2022

More often of late we find ourselves doing Awareness Month topics. We never used to cover these so regularly. We guess this means we are becoming more aware of different matters and causes as we travel along our journey. Because of this, we have more to share as time is going on…… Please see May […]

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Five years of grief

This topic came about purely by chance. I was searching for something to post for the anniversary of our Dad’s burial. Like most topics like this that find us, we feel it happens for a reason, it is needed to be shared, and so this is what we have done….. Please see Five years of […]

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Stephen Lawrence Day 22nd April 2022

Today marks 29 years since the sad and fateful day that Stephen Lawrence was in the wrong place at the wrong time. This unfortunately led to him losing his life in such a senseless manner…… Please see Stephen Lawrence Day 22nd April 2022 which covers: Introduction YouTube Video(s): Welcome to Stephen Lawrence Day 2022 – […]

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