Grief is not Linear

Preview to the topic This topic came about purely by chance, because of a conversation I was having with my sister. The term grief is not like looking through rose-tinted glasses came to mind. We went to google it to see if this was something that would give any information. But auto type came up […]

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National Grief Awareness Day 2021

Preview to the topic: Today is National Grief Awareness Day. We didn’t question doing a topic on this. Worldwide so many of us are grieving. The way we grieve, mourn and honour loved ones has changed drastically due to the pandemic. Grief is still quite a taboo subject; this is why we feel passionate about […]

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Triggers Anxiety and Grief

Preview to the topic: My sister and I are aware the moment our Dad was hospitalised in September 2016 to this very day our anxiety has gone through the roof. We are also aware that triggers can transport us back to moments of the trauma of our Dad’s situation, making us feel like we are […]

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Responsibility and Grief

Preview to the topic: From the moment our Dad was hospitalised in September 2016. Life for our family has never been the same since. We had absolutely no idea what we were about to face. To say we were far from prepared is a huge understatement. In almost every situation we have been in and […]

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Grief is an individual journey, Grief is an expression and extension of love

Preview to the topic This is another topic that has come about by chance, based on thoughts and feelings through situations and circumstances we find ourselves in. Quite often in our topics, we relate to the fact of grief being an individual experience, but we’ve never gone beyond that statement, we’ve not explored further within […]

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Drowning and Grief

Preview to topic: This topic has come about from the way my sister and I have been feeling of late. We feel as though we are drowning amongst our responsibilities, as though we are struggling to keep our head above water and having to push ourselves to the maximum when doing the simplest of daily […]

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Memories and Grief

Preview to the topic: Quite often in life, we reminisce on past times. This could be by choice, or it could be by circumstances. As an example, a social media platform could show you a memory from the year before (and years prior to that) Or, it could be like me when looking at old […]

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Traumatic Loss

Preview to the topic: Without wanting to sound dramatic. When we think about our Dad’s situation, the seven-month period leading up to the sad moment that he passed away, Traumatic is one of the words that come to mind. Please see Traumatic Loss which covers: Introduction Illustrative Examples Traumatic Loss Traumatic Loss Our Final Thoughts/YouTube […]

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The shock of loss

Preview to the topic: This topic has come about because of how we have been feeling lately. Sadly, and unfortunately, we have been hearing about the loss of life fairly frequently. Too frequent. This has been the loss of family members, and of close family friends. Please see The Shock of Loss which covers: Introduction […]

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