Grief attack

This is another one of the unplanned topics we publish. We came across a quote with the heading Grief attack……

Please see Grief attack which covers:

  1. Introduction
  2. Grief attack
  3. Our final thoughts
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© Copyright Grief Probate Journey Blog *PLEASE NOTE THIS INFORMATION IS SOURCED FROM UK and AMERICAN WEBSITES* It is also based on our own experience. *We are not experts in this field, we are speaking purely on our own experience with information sought from the internet to give further examples. *

1. Introduction

This is another one of the unplanned topics we publish. We came across a quote with the heading Grief attack. Please see it below.

Curiosity took over and we decided to look further into this term. It was relatable to my sister and I in so many ways. Feelings we have experienced over the past 6 years. One of those being anxiety. From the moment our Dad was hospitalised in September 2016, to this very date, situations we have had to face and deal with bring this on a lot.

Over the years I have had counselling that has helped to address the many emotions and some unknown feelings I was having. My most recent counselling that finished in 2021 really helped me to address my anxiety and also gave me some great tips to try and address these feelings. Please click here to see a previous topic where these coping mechanisms are spoken about.

We wanted to share this as we feel there may be others experiencing these same sorts of feelings and emotions.

Please see Grief attacks:


2. Grief Attack

2.1 9 Things to Do When Overwhelmed By Grief Attacks | Cake Blog

What’s a grief attack?

“Grief-related anxiety attacks are a normal part of the grief process. They typically are more prone to happen following an unnatural or unexpected death, though they can happen with any loss. You can expect them to occur more frequently after a violent or accidental death”….

2.2 Dealing with grief – British Heart Foundation

“Few things are harder than losing someone who means a lot to you. Sarah Brealey shares an expert’s advice on how to cope with grief”.

2.3 Shared Grief Attacks – My Grief Angels – My Grief Angels

“Community shared grief attacks and community members’ personal strategies for coping with the grief panic attacks resulting from the loss of a loved one”.

2.4 Anxiety and Panic | The Loss Foundation

… “like a fear that someone might attack you or social danger, a fear you will be judged negatively. In the case of bereavement there are many situations”…

2.5 Ways to Manage Grief-Related Panic Attacks – The Mighty

(16 Apr 2021) — “Bereavement leaves us feeling sad, lost, empty, angry, scared, fearful and unsure of the ground we are walking on. A common metaphor for grief”…

2.6 Addressing Grief-Related Anxiety – PESI

“For many grieving clients, working through anxiety will be a significant part of their path towards healing. Discover the first steps you can take to help”…


3. Our final thoughts

We hope this topic might be of use to those who read it.

Blessings, Grief Probate Journey


4. Our YouTube Video



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