Traumatic Loss

Without wanting to sound dramatic. When we think about our Dad’s situation, the seven-month period leading up to the sad moment that he passed away, Traumatic is one of the words that come to mind. Please see Traumatic Loss which covers: Introduction Illustrative Examples Traumatic Loss Traumatic Loss Our Final Thoughts/YouTube Video © Copyright 2019 […]

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The shock of loss

This topic has come about because of how we have been feeling lately. Sadly, and unfortunately, we have been hearing about the loss of life fairly frequently. Too frequent. This has been the loss of family members, and of close family friends. Please see The Shock of Loss which covers: Introduction Illustrative examples: The Shock […]

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Loss of a Family Friend

We got some really sad and shocking news today (Friday 17th July 2020). A very good friend of our Dad’s who was practically family to us has passed away. Shocked, Disbelief, Sad, Lost. Are just some of the way we were feeling. It makes you realise even more how much:We should not take anything for […]

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