Mourning the Loss of a Public Figure: Collective Grief and Triggers

Unfortunately, as we all know, the world has experienced a great deal of significant change over the past few years. These changes have had a huge impact on the world and how we were able to live our daily life.

The worldwide Coronavirus pandemic and everything that came with it is something that none of us could have ever imagined………

Please see Mourning the loss of a public figure: Collective Grief and Triggers which covers:

  1. Introduction
  2. Mourning the loss of a public figure
  3. Collective Grief
  4. Triggers of Grief
  5. Our YouTube Video
  6. Our Final Thoughts

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1. Introduction

Unfortunately, as we all know, the world has experienced a great deal of significant change over the past few years. These changes have had a huge impact on the world and how we were able to live our daily life.

The worldwide Coronavirus pandemic and everything that came with it is something that none of us could have ever imagined.

A very big impact the recent events have changed is grief and mourning.

Throughout the pandemic, there were unfortunately many deaths. This was due to the pandemic and other causes such as natural disasters, and illness. During these times because of Self isolating, shielding and lockdowns, funerals could only be attended via Zoom. We felt sadness for all of those not able to plan funerals and have send off’s in the traditional way they are accustomed to.

As a family we, unfortunately, watched a few zoom funerals, it is very hard to explain how this felt. It was almost invasive like we were spying even though we were invited to attend. We felt extremely detached. The Mental and physical impact the pandemic has had is quite something. In the initial stages worldwide, we had a common understanding and level of support for one another. We also have a topic on Collective Grief which goes into this in more detail.

Then there was the passing away of public figures. These days news like this hit hard, a lot harder than it used to. Maybe because of everything we’ve been through worldwide and the appreciation of getting back to reuniting and social freedom, it makes it that much more upsetting.

Most recently a significant public figure has passed away. Her Majesty the Queen.  The longest reigning Monarch. The Queen is all we have known our entire life, and now she is no longer here. For the majority of our life, we had the Queen, and now we will have a King. This could bring about feelings of change and uncertainty for people.

Since the pandemic there are feelings of changed perspectives, more appreciation of friends and family, spending time with loved ones and seeing them in person. Being isolated from loved ones for two years, some in their hour of need. You appreciate quality time so much more.

When a public figure passes, there are various ways you could feel; nostalgia and your childhood watching the person as you grew up with them, sadness as you may have followed their journey if they passed away through illness. It may even reignite feelings of your personal losses and grief.

The thought of the world with them no longer in it. Although you did not know them or might not have personally met them. They have been in your life for a significant period of time, so the fact that they are now gone is sad.

We mentioned the word change, the death of someone whether a public figure or not brings about instant change, and as we’re facing this so much in short spaces of time, it can also feel slightly overwhelming.

There is another aspect and that is the families. They are in the public eye whilst also grieving. Not much time for Privacy or reflection, constant everyday reminders in the press. This is something that we cannot begin to know or understand what it must feel like.

All of the things we have mentioned above is the reason we decided to do this as a topic.

Please see: Mourning the loss of a public figure: Collective Grief and Triggers


2. Mourning the loss of a public figure

2.1 Queen Elizabeth’s death: Collective Grief a common…

“What’s different about the death of a public figure is that the grief is also public. Seeing so many other people grieving”, …

2.2 Charities offer Mental Health support for…..Evening Standard

“It said people may be grieving the Queen because they feel like they knew her, she is someone they truly admired, or because the world now feels”…

2.3 Grieving for a public figure

“When a public figure dies, the news can elicit a range of emotions. You may feel a deep sense of loss if they were someone you admire”, …

2.4 Sue Ryder Online Community – Coping With Grief

“However, talking about it with others and sharing what’s on your mind will always help. Sue Ryder supports people through the most difficult times of their lives. How To Cope. Support”.

2.5 Why do we grieve the death of public figures?

“As we collectively mark the loss of the longest-serving monarch in British history and all that she represented on a national scale, many people are feeling a much more personal impact”…..

2.6 Why do people mourn people whom they don’t know personally?

“What causes people to mourn celebrities and public figures, as they would members of their own family?”

2.7 National Mourning Guidance – GOV.UK

“Guidance for the public and businesses on the period of National Mourning following the demise of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II”.

2.8 Psychologist shares tips for grieving the Queen’s Death – Metro

“Dr Elizabeth’s top tips for dealing with grief · Be patient without yourself · Set lists and reminders as time can pass strangely during a period”…

2.9 Queen Elizabeth II death: how to process emotions of grief

“Dealing with national grief can be overwhelming. Here, a neuropsychologist explains how to process your emotions in the wake of Queen”…

2.10. The Good Grief Trust: Home

“The Good Grief TrustAt the Good Grief Trust, we know that listening to the stories of others who have been through a similar loss can help those of you who are grieving. Please” …


3. Collective Grief

3.1 Collective Grief – Cruse Bereavement Support

“Collective grief happens when a group of people (usually a nation, community or local area) experience the fallout from a death or multiple deaths. This might”…

3.2 What is Collective Grief? Grief Recovery Center

“Understand what collective grief is during these challenging times, and learn what helps the process of healing collective grief”.

3.3 Finding Meaning Through Collective Loss and Grief

“David Kessler is an expert on grief and dying and has applied his work to what we currently are going through. Kessler defines grief as “the death of”…

3.4 Collective Mourning – What is it & why does it matter? – CPJ Field

“Just thinking about living through the death of someone you love without being able to go to their funeral says a lot about the importance of grieving”…

3.5 Collective Grief and why we mourn the death of people we don….

“Medical experts share the reasons we suffer a profound loss for strangers as the world pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II”.

3.6 Mental Health Services – NHS

“depression; generalised anxiety; social anxiety; panic and agoraphobia; other phobias; obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD); post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)”…


4. Triggers of Grief

4.1 Triggers in Grief – The Loss Foundation

“Unexpected triggers can pop up day-to-day catching you off guard with your grief and bringing on a surge of emotions, whether it be walking down a”…

4.2 Grief: Coping with reminders after a loss – Mayo Clinic

“These feelings, sometimes called an anniversary reaction, aren’t necessarily a setback in the grieving process. They’re a reflection that your loved one’s life”…

4.3 Factsheet 23: Grief Triggers| MyGriefAssist

“Grief is a strange beast that we learn to live with. We don’t get over it as if it were a surmountable object. We can become more comfortable with our”…

4.4 Grief Triggers – Empathy

“What to remember when everyday things cause pain. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. It is not uncommon for sensory experiences to trigger feelings”…

4.5 Coping with Grief and Loss –

“The pain of loss can feel overwhelming, but there are healthy ways to cope with your grief and learn to heal. These tips can help”.

4.6 Grief Triggers and Positive Memory: A Continuum

“A grief trigger might tie to a specific memory or emotion, or it may be something that flashes into consciousness and merely leaves you with a sense of sadness”…


5. Our Final thoughts

It’s strange because as children, we feel our parents are invincible.

It can be the same with public figures because we get so used to them being there and seeing them in the public eye, that we almost feel it can be that way forever.

As we all know, unfortunately, that is not the reality. We are all human beings, and we are not here forever. Of course, this reality never makes things any easier to deal with or live through.

There have been many public figures that have passed away this year, and they have all brought about individual feelings of loss and sadness, not only because the person has gone, but also because of thinking of their family and loved ones.

We hope this topic might be of use to someone who reads it.


6. Our YouTube Video



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