Traumatic Loss

Without wanting to sound dramatic. When we think about our Dad’s situation, the seven-month period leading up to the sad moment that he passed away, Traumatic is one of the words that come to mind.

Please see Traumatic Loss which covers:

  1. Introduction
  2. Illustrative Examples Traumatic Loss
  3. Traumatic Loss
  4. Our Final Thoughts/YouTube Video

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1. Introduction

Our Dad was in the hospital for seven months and the only way we feel we can describe it is that he endured a courageous battle. Our Dad was a strong man, a man that had a high pain threshold, but even with all of that, we have no idea the strength, will and determination he had to get through each new day as an inpatient in the hospital.

In saying that, our Dad was a deeply religious man, quite often he would say it is his faith in the lord that was getting him through each day. It was a seven month battle for all of us. The entire time felt surreal, like we were watching a movie, but the deep sad reality is that it was our life. It IS our life.

One of the things we know has helped in keeping us going is the ongoing complaint we have against the hospital that our Dad was an inpatient. We are determined to get the justice our Dad so rightly deserves.

We suffered a tremendous traumatic loss when our Dad sadly passed away. To this very day four years later we still feel the same sorrow, the same disbelief and the huge loss is just the same.

For three reasons we wanted to do a topic relating to trauma and loss.

Please see Traumatic Loss:


2. Illustrative Examples Traumatic Loss



3. Traumatic Loss

3.1 What is traumatic loss?

Traumatic loss is comprised of separation distress (yearning, searching, and loneliness) and traumatic or emotional distress (numbness, disbelief, distrust, anger, emptiness, and sense of futility about the future)”.

3.2 Traumatic Grief and Loss | Dealing with a Traumatic Death

“When someone we care about dies in a disaster or traumatic situation, there are additional problems which add to the grieving we feel when anyone we love”…

3.3 Grief After Traumatic Loss – Whats your Grief

“When someone experiences a traumatic death, their challenges become two-fold. One, they must cope with the trauma and two, they have to cope with their grief”.

3.4 Traumatic Bereavement ASSIST Trauma Care

“Few things in life are as painful as the death of a loved one. Grief is both a universal and also a very personal response to loss that can dominate one’s”…

3.5 How To Deal With Grief And Trauma –

“8 Jun 2015 — Trauma and grief often go hand in hand, so learning to process grief can help those struggling with PTSD. Use these steps to help you move”…

3.6 Traumatic Grief – Trauma Survivors Network

“The relationship between the deceased and the bereaved might have been very close or complicated; the circumstances of the death may be sudden or traumatic,” …

3.7 What is the Difference Between Trauma and Grief? – The Grief Recovery Method

“18 Feb 2015 — It can be any event that causes psychological, physical, emotional or mental harm; such as a death or abuse. A traumatic event could also be”…

3.8 The Differences Between Grief, Trauma and Complex Trauma

23 Apr 2019 — Clinical Intersections: Grief, Trauma, and Complex Trauma – 5 Questions & Answers for Social Workers · Woman Grieving · Is it possible for people”…

3.9 Is death of a parent considered trauma?

“The death of a parent is one of the most traumatic events that can occur in childhood. An estimated 3.5% of children under age 18 (approximately 2.5 million) in the United States have experienced the death of their parent”​1​. (21 Jan 2021)


4. Our Final Thoughts/YouTube Video

We hope this topic might be of use to those who read it.




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