Grief and Self Confidence

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Please see Grief and Self Confidence which covers:

  1. Introduction/Our Story
  2. Illustrative Examples/Quotes: Grief and Self Confidence
  3. YouTube Video: Grief and Self Confidence
  4. Grief and Self Confidence
  5. Useful Links: Grief and Self Confidence
  6. Our Final Thoughts

1.Introduction/Our Story

Grief and Self Confidence

To say our ordeal has knocked our confidence is a huge understatement. This affects us in many ways, especially when having to make decisions of huge responsibility.

A massive part of how we feel stems from before our Dad even passed away. It is also down too:

  • The staff at the hospital where our Dad was an inpatient
  • The Coroner officer we dealt with

Even down to registering our Dad’s passing we had a horrible experience in there.

We have never been prepared for such treatment especially when they are within the field of what we are going through.

These things make us:

  • Doubt everything we do
  • Doubt the way we are handling things.
  • Question whether our actions warrant the treatment we receive, when we really know fully well that it hasn’t

These feelings make us paranoid, withdrawn, mentally and physically challenged. Mentally and physically exhausted.


2. Illustrative Examples/Quotes: Grief and Self Confidence


3. YouTube Video: Grief and Self Confidence


4. Grief and Self Confidence

I Don’t Know Who I Am Anymore: Grief and Loss of Identity – What’s Your Grief

“It shapes so much of how we exist in the world and research has shown that the lack of “self-clarity” that comes in grief as a result of loss of identity is correlated … with higher rates of depression and post-traumatic stress”.

This is something my sister and I can most definitely relate too. With everything that has gone on, we are so far within it that we truly do feel lost in every aspect. Including not really knowing our own selves anymore.

  • Not knowing ourselves
  • Not knowing our purpose

Grief and Self Esteem- The Friends

“Grief and Self Esteem. As many who have experienced loss know, grief and bereavement can be a complicated process and no two people seem to share the same path”.

Self Esteem Takes A Hit When Someone We Love Dies – I Am So Lost

“Confidence and self-worth take a serious hit when a loved one dies. “Understanding the impact of grief on your self-esteem may help you find ways of coping”.

4 Little Known Ripple Effects Of Grief and Loss – My Wellbeing

“Grief has a funny way of attaching itself to various aspects of our identities, affecting confidence, and a person’s sense of self. In the aftermath of a significant loss many people report feeling unattractive, worthless, out of place or anxious. Others say that their confidence is suddenly lower”.

Healing From Grief: Regaining Confidence in Life After the Loss of a Loved One |Hello Grief

“Losing someone you love can seriously shake your confidence in life. Author Bill Cushnie discusses coping strategies to help regain confidence in life after the”.

How To Build Self Esteem After Losing a Loved One – VITAS Healthcare

“You’ve lost a loved one—don’t lose yourself, too. A significant loss can shatter a survivor’s self-esteem, leaving you to pick up the pieces and put yourself back together”.

My sister and I can relate to this statement.  We feel as though once we try to come through this ordeal, we need to work on finding ourselves again and putting ourselves back together. We will never be the same people we were before this all happened.

Confidence and Grief: How One Affects the Other – For Mums Like Me

“Grief can result in a crisis of self- confidence if we end up mourning our own identity as well. What can you do to improve your confidence?”

Grief Can Cause Lack Of Confidence, Spring Can Help it Rebound – Open to Hope

“Waxing and waning like moon, our spirit changes with the phases of our self assurance. Loss can eat away at our confidence like a wood chipper devouring a mighty oak. Once strong and tall, it is reduced to a pile of small helpless pieces”.

Grief, Loss and Self Esteem – Nugent Family Counselling Center

“The death of a loved one is often the cause for the most intense grief. … Self-esteem is the extent of confidence, respect, and value we feel in ourselves”.

Losing Your Confidence in Grief – Kathryn Van Auken

“It takes your loved one of course, but it can take your sleep, your purpose, your routine and it can take away your confidence. It seems like such a random side effect of grief, but it was a very real one for me”.


5. Useful Links: Grief and Self Confidence


6. Our Final Thoughts

As we have said quite often in topics, we are on a journey. We have experienced many different emotions, ups and downs. We try our best to acknowledge each feeling and emotion so that we can try to work through it and work past it.

This blog and sharing our story has been an eye opener as it is making us aware of our feelings. Through the research done to post a topic we learn more and get to see that we are not alone in the way we feel, and it helps as we sometimes find explanations or scenarios we can relate too.

My sister and I try our best to look after ourselves as best we can whilst moving further along in our journey.


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