Understanding and Grief

My sister and I have been on this journey for four years now. As that has been written and acknowledged I am shaking my head in disbelief. It has and is an experience of highs, lows, sadness, joy. One thing throughout this journey is that we feel as though we are on a hamster wheel, […]

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National Grief Awareness Day 2021

Today is National Grief Awareness Day. We didn’t question doing a topic on this. Worldwide so many of us are grieving. The way we grieve, mourn and honour loved ones has changed drastically due to the pandemic…. Please see National Grief Awareness Day 2021 which covers: Introduction Professor Green: YouTube Video and article: When grief […]

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Emotions and Grief

Throughout our topics, we have often referred to the range of emotions we experience along our journey. It seems one of the biggest emotions that has not been dealt with is opening up to the emotion of the loss of our Dad. This feels like something extremely: Major Scary Uncomfortable Unimaginable Unknown Please see Emotions […]

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Grief and Self Confidence

To say our ordeal has knocked our confidence is a huge understatement. This affects us in many ways, especially when having to make decisions of huge responsibility. A massive part of how we feel stems from before our Dad even passed away. It is also down too: The staff at the hospital where our Dad […]

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