Children Grief Awareness Week 19th – 26th November 2020

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Please see Children Grief Awareness Week 19th – 26th November 2020 which covers:

  1. Introduction
  2. YouTube Videos: Children’s Grief Awareness
  3. Illustrative Examples: Children Grief Awareness
  4. Children Grief Awareness Week 19th – 26th November 2020
  5. Our Final Thoughts/YouTube Video

1. Introduction

It just so happened that our Facebook memories reminded us that we did this topic last year. Right away we felt compelled to do another topic this year.

Our blog came about as our Dad fell ill in September 2016, sadly passing away in March 2017.

We started it because we were experiencing so many unknown situations, these unknowns resulted in many things going wrong for us, or not working so well in our favour. The more this happened the more we felt the need try and make a difference. Our way of doing this became the blog.

We are sharing our story in the hope of helping others. We are sharing the story of my sister and I. Our journey since our Dad fell ill and up until this day. When we became aware of Children’s Grief Awareness Week last year, it was almost as though a lightbulb went off in our mind.

My Nephews are mentioned and featured in the blog; however, the importance of their loss is something that is just as significant as my sister and I.

When we think of the loss of our Dad it brings immense great sadness. We miss him every day and wish more than ever that he were still here with us, and with them being able to continue seeing them grow.

Our Dad was a great man, a supportive man, a funny intelligent caring man. The list could go on and on with the many great qualities our Dad had. We are exceptionally proud he was our Dad.

The loss of our Dad was not only our loss, but it was also our Mum, Family and friends and our nephews.

Our Dad was a proud man, he loved gardening, cooking, photography, fixing things. He also loved his family very much. He could not be prouder when he became a Grandfather for the first time in 2014.

The bond between Antonio and our Dad was so strong, and something incredibly special. It was an awfully close bond. One that was realised more after our Dad sadly passed away. They connected with each other and were remarkably close. It was a pleasure to see. Our Dad was equally as proud when he became a Grandfather again for the second time in 2016.

Over the years since our Dad sadly passed away, the children have been affected by it at random moments. Something that a few people noticed about Antonio when we were at the cemetery, Antonio was just standing there looking when everything was happening, he stood there for a while just staring. Many people were wondering what might have been going through is mind at that time. Some saying that he was saying goodbye.

Since then, there have been random moments when both of them have become upset. Tanya remembers one time they were sitting eating dinner and Antonio broke down crying saying “I want Grandad”. My sister tried but also had to fight back her own emotions to calm him down.

They still speak about Grandad often, at times saying they wish Grandad were still here and they want him to come down from heaven. In these moments, Tanya tells them:

  • He didnt want to go and he loves them very much.
  • He is watching over them and protecting them
  • They can speak to him in their minds or even out loud if they want to

Tanya also tells them that even without them hearing him, he will help to guide then because he can hear them.

They both have so many of our Dad’s traits. This includes mannerisms and character. It is such a strange experience to witness, but at the same time, it makes us feel happiness as our Dad is living on through them.

When they do something that remind us of our Dad, we still tell them. This makes them smile, that makes us happy. We are happy to know they are happy they do things like our Dad. They unfortunately only had a short time with him, but we are happy they are still aware of him.

Here are some pictures of our Dad with them:

Mental Health is important, at any time, and at any age. But when children experience a trauma no matter what it may be, they are impressionable and so it is important to try to be aware so that the best way to deal with the matter can be found.

We chose to do this topic again as we feel Children’s Grief is just as important as an adult, and so we want to help to further spread awareness, whilst also possibly helping someone.

Please see: Children Grief Awareness Week 19th – 26th November 2020


2. YouTube Videos: Children’s Grief Awareness

2.1 Children Grieve Too. So what can you do?

Irish Hospice

Every November, the Irish Childhood Bereavement Network organises a series of events across Ireland to highlight bereaved children’s needs and provide a voice for them to be heard. This year Bereaved Children’s Awareness Week is taking place from 23-27 November. The main reason we need to have a week like this is to help raise awareness of the fact that children express grief differently, they feel the impact but may not have words to express it so it often shows in their behaviour. For more info: Proudly supported by Irish Hospice Foundation & Tusla


Creative Commons Attribution licence (reuse allowed)

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2.2 National Children’s Grief Awareness Day with

Respecting the Process

242 subscribers

So far 2020 has been a challenging year for many families. It is more important than ever that we show our support for each other! November 19, 2020 is National Children’s Grief Awareness Day. In recognition of this day, Rainbows for All Children Canada is selling blue butterfly masks. The proceeds from all sales will go to help Rainbows Canada support grieving children across the country.

#childrensgriefawarenessday #losshurtskidstoo #cgadhope #rainbowscan


Learn more about Respecting the Process Inc.:




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3. Illustrative Examples: Children Grief Awareness


4. Children’s Grief Awareness Week 19th – 26th November 2020

4.1 Children’s Grief Awareness

Now in its sixth year Children’s Grief Awareness Week UK, founded by leading childhood bereavement charity Grief Encounter, is designed to raise awareness of”…

4.2 Children’s Grief Awareness Week – Childhood Bereavement…

“International Children’s Grief Awareness Day The Week will finish with Children’s Grief Awareness Day on 21 November, a global day designed to help us all become more aware of the needs of grieving children — and of the benefits, they obtain through the support of others”.

4.3 “Children’s Grief Awareness Week runs 19-26 November 2020”.

“This year, the theme for the week is tackling isolation, and we’ll be encouraging our member services, families and schools to help young people #SaytheWords and reach out for support”.

4.4 Children’s Grief Awareness Week

The Week will start with Children’s Grief Awareness Day on 19th November 2020, a global day designed to help us all become more aware of the needs of “…

4.5 Children’s Grief Awareness Week 2020 is from 19th – 26th

“44000 children are bereaved of a parent annually in the UK, this year that number is set to rise. Now in its sixth year, Children’s Grief Awareness Week 2020 I”.

4.6 Children’s Grief Awareness

“The National Alliance for Grieving Children is committed to serving as a catalyst … A Road Map to Inclusion” will take place on Friday, November 6, 2020. … Learn More About “Children’s Grief Awareness Day” and The Highmark Caring Place”.

4.7 Children’s Grief Awareness Week 19th -26th November 2020 …

3 Nov 2020 — The Scottish Cot Death Trust provides books and other resources free of charge to bereaved siblings. Some children will need specialist help”…

4.8 Children’s Grief Awareness Day

Children’s Grief Awareness Day is designed to help us all become more aware of the needs of grieving children — and of the benefits, they obtain through the”…

4.9 Grief and Art for Children’s Grief Awareness Week – Wintson’s ..

“For Children’s Grief Awareness Week, we asked bereaved children, young people and adults, to share artwork that helped them express their grief”.


5. Our Final Thoughts/YouTube Video

 We hope this topic might be of use to someone. Children are our future, their grief counts too.


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