Guest Blog: Emma Grace Brown- Practical Solutions to Household Tension in the COVID-19 Era

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This week we are happy to announce our second guest blog. We were very pleased to be contacted by Emma Brown. With the unforeseen worldwide pandemic that we are currently living through Emma wanted to put together something to try and help families during these difficult times as we face lockdowns and spending more time at home. We were happy and honoured that Emma got in touch with us, and we were more than happy for this to be a topic on our blog. Mental health and wellbeing is important at any point in time, but it is even more important during these difficult times.

Emma Grace Brown Bio

Emma Grace Brown lives her life by her rules; and it works! When she’s not snuggling puppies, Emma promotes female empowerment through her website. Her mission is to help those who live with self-doubt to realize they don’t have to mold themselves to conventionality.  

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Practical Solutions to Household Tension in the COVID-19 Era

This pandemic has caused stress for many households across the world in many different ways. So, if your family is experiencing heightened tension while self-isolating, you’re not the only one. Nonetheless, it’s not something to be downplayed. In order to restore harmony in your household, the tension must be addressed, along with the issues that are causing it.

Here some simple tips for handling household tension during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Start with your living environment.

The home itself can play a major role in the health and well-being of each of your family members. If your living environment is messy and dirty, it can cause significant stress and tension. Schedule a day on the weekend where you can declutter each room in your home (this may require a few sessions, depending on the size of your home and the amount of clutter). Be ruthless as you purge your belongings, and put aside anything that you don’t need or want so that you can donate, sell, or discard it.

Also, make time to give your living environment a thorough deep cleaning. This involves vacuuming, dusting, and wiping clean every space in your home from top to bottom. Consider making it a family event; you can even put on a podcast or music to help the time go by. And to make life a little easier in the future, create a quick, regular cleaning schedule so that you don’t have to spend hours cleaning every time you do it.

Pack the pantry with nutrition.

Diet is another factor in overall health and well-being. If members of your household are loading up on empty carbs and salty and sugary foods, chances are you’re not feeling your best. Poor nutrition can quickly lead to stress, anxiety, and depression on an individual level. And when you are self-isolating in close quarters, it can exacerbate any tensions that exist among your family.

Take advantage of the resources on the web to find delicious, creative, and healthy recipes to prepare at home. You might even benefit from meal prepping once a week. Just as important as your main meals, however, are the snacks you keep around. Fortunately, the web also provides plenty of healthy snack ideas that you can use in place of those treats.

Engage those endorphins.

Along with eating nutritiously, exercising regularly is one of the best things you can do to relieve tension and stress. Every time you break a sweat, endorphins are released in your brain. This creates a rewarding sensation, and it can do wonders for boosting your mood and self-confidence. But the benefits of exercise go well past the short term; improved immune system, lower risk of disease, and decreased depression symptoms are just a few of the many long-term benefits associated with a consistent fitness routine.

Yet again, the web is your best friend when it comes to discovering a variety of exercises you can do without leaving your home. Encourage each of your family members to find an activity that they enjoy doing, whether it’s running through the neighborhood, doing boot camp workouts in the backyard, or doing yoga to video tutorials in the living room. And if you want the added social benefits, figure out some activities to do together.

Another option for boosting your endorphins is meditation. While it might appear to be on the opposite side of the energy spectrum, Sahaja online explains meditation can help release feel-good chemistry in your brain and lower cortisol, thus ramping up your relaxation and mood. Choose some family-friendly om-time, and you’ll all enjoy the positive results!

If your family is self-isolating and experiencing significant tension with one another, don’t just let it happen. Make sure you are keeping a clean home, figuring out a work schedule that fits your needs, eating nutritious foods, and exercising regularly. Before long, you’ll notice the tension lifting, and your family will be well on your way to being healthier and happier than ever — both as individuals and as a household.

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