Sadness and hope in Grief. Titled and inspired by Antonio

Quite often when we are doing blog topics my sister’s children are around.  They hear us talking about topics and things that are upcoming, like interviews and things like that…..

Please see Sadness and Grief which covers:

  1. Introduction
  2. Illustrative examples: Sadness and Grief
  3. Sadness and Grief
  4. Hope and Grief
  5. Our Final Thoughts/YouTube video

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1. Introduction

Quite often when we are doing blog topics my sister’s children are around. They hear us talking about topics and things that are upcoming, like interviews and things like that.

They have also featured in topics, and most recently they have started giving topic ideas. When this happened we wanted to acknowledge and encourage their ideas. It is not our grief journey alone, they miss their Grandad. Antonio had a very special bond with our Dad for these reasons it makes us feel happy that they want to be involved in this way.

This topic has come about through my eldest nephew Antonio. Not only did Antonio come up with the name of the topic, but we also sat together and chose the quotes and did the introduction together.

Here are some pictures of our Dad and Antonio together:

Children’s grief is also important, it’s just as important to acknowledge their mental state of mind and wellbeing. Children are our future. We also have topics on Children and Grief and/Children’s Grief Awareness and Children’s Grief Awareness Week (19th -.26th November 2020). We also have a topic on Children’s Mental Health Week: 1st -7th February 2021).

My eldest nephew’s topic is: Sadness and hope in Grief

With it being Christmas time and a time we would usually spend together it does makes us think more about the fact our Dad is not here with us.

We always try to make Christmas a special day because it is our Mums birthday. This year we wanted it to be even more special, the main reason how unwell our Mum was. We are so thankful, grateful and blessed for the improvements we have seen. Another reason is the pandemic we have been living through for so long, and now there is another variant.

Will the life we all once knew before the pandemic ever come back again? It feels like the answer is no, it feels like a “New Normal” is our existence right now.

In this topic, we hope to bring some hope to the feelings of sadness and loss during the Festive Period.

We have posted this after Christmas day and are pleased to say our Mum had a nice day for her birthday. She especially enjoyed her Christmas Birthday Cake which we would like to share with you.

Please see sadness and hope in Grief. Titled and inspired by Antonio:


2. Illustrative examples: Sadness and Grief


3. Sadness and Grief

3.1 Sadness, Grief, Depression: What’s the Difference? – Premier…

“10 Mar 2016 — Are you feeling a lack of energy or enjoyment in life? These feelings can be common to depression, grief and sadness — terms that often get”…

3.2 Embracing the Sadness of Grief – Center for Loss & Life

“(4 Feb 2016) — In this way you could say that sadness and love are inextricably linked. Yes, when you are grieving, it is normal to feel sad. I would even”…

3.3 How To Deal With Intense Sadness and Sorrow After A Death

“Professional Counsellors Available 24/7. Private & Affordable. Get Started Now! 100% Private Professional Counseling. You Deserve to be Happy. Match With Your Therapist. Find A Therapist. Schedule A Live Session. Gift A Membership. Types: Depression Help, Anxiety Help, Relationship Therapy, Stress Therapy, Grief Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Eating Disorder Therapy”.

3.4 Can’t shake the sadness? 10 expert ways to manage grief

“(29 Jun 2016) — We grieve all of life’s losses, not just bereavement. These endings are also a kind of death, bringing with them deep sorrows that require time”…

3.5 Overcoming Grief: 10 Helpful Tips | The Recovery  Village

“(15 Nov 2021) — Grief is a normal part of life but can feel overwhelming at times. Read how to cope with grief and move forward in the healing process”.

3.6 How to Tell the Difference Between Sadness, Grief and Depression

“(1 Oct 2016) — The emotions are closely connected, but there are key differences between sadness, depression, and grief. Here’s how to know what you’re”…

3.7 Grief: Coping with Reminders after a loss – Mayo Clinic

“These feelings, sometimes called an anniversary reaction, aren’t necessarily a setback in the grieving process. They’re a reflection that your loved one’s life…


4. Hope and Grief

4.1 What is hope in grief?

“Many people discover that there is hope after a death or loss. Death or loss takes away, but grief can give back. It is possible to recover from grief with new strengths and a new direction. By acting on our grief, we may eventually find peace and purpose”.

4.2 Hope Again

Hope Again is the youth website of Cruse Bereavement Support. · Here you will find information about our services, a listening ear from other young people and”…

4.3 How to Process Grief with Hope – Lisa Appelo

“Affirm your trust of God in loss. · We can process grief with hope because of the promise of eternity. · We can process grief with hope because of God’s promises”…

4.4 3 Reasons for Hope in the Face of Grief and Worry

“(4 Nov 2021) — 1. Our Times Are in God’s Hands · 2. The Bible Acknowledges Our Emotions · 3. Jesus Enables Grief and Hope to Coexist”.

4.5 Hope and Grief: Home

“(16 Dec 2020) — Gain practical information about loss, grief, hope, and healing”.

4.6 Open To Hope, Support for Dealing with Death, Grief, Loss

“Giving a Voice to Grief and Recovery. Open to Hope ® is a non-profit with the mission of helping people find hope after loss. We invite you to read”, …


5. Our Final Thoughts/YouTube video

We feel humbled that Antonio is involved in our final blog topic for 2021. We asked him what our final thoughts should be, and these were his words:

We hope this topic will give you an idea of not being sad in grief, we also hope it gives you hope.


Grief Probate Journey

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