Vulnerable and Grief

Feeling extremely: Vulnerable, Low, Unsettled and uncertain. The list of these feelings and emotions seems endless. Feeling almost hopeless with there not being an end in sight.It feels like a never-ending journey with recurring feelings of extreme highs and lows….

Please see: Vulnerable and Grief which covers:

  1. Introduction
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  3. Vulnerable and Grief
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1. Introduction

Feeling extremely:

  • Vulnerable
  • Low
  • Unsettled and uncertain

The list of these feelings and emotions seems endless. Feeling almost hopeless with there not being an end in sight.

It feels like a never-ending journey with recurring feelings of extreme highs and lows. We have many things to be grateful for which we acknowledge, appreciate and are grateful for. But no matter what there are periods of time where sadness consumes us.

Triggers are also moments that bring us back to past memories of sadness. As an example. An ambulance siren was on and it was heading in the direction of the hospital that our Dad was an inpatient, this night brought me back to the early hours of 4th January 2017 when my Mum and I accompanied our Dad in an ambulance back to the hospital. Our Dad was readmitted, but never left. This will always bring us feelings of extreme and great sadness. After our Dad passed away this would happen very often when an ambulance had a siren on especially if it was dark like when our Dad was readmitted.

It has not happened in a very long while so when it happened this year it almost took me by surprise. I was not prepared or expecting that to have happened. (We have a topic on Triggers and Grief which goes into more details).

Tanya has said that she feels guilty of not being able to physically be there as much for our Dad both in hospital but especially when he went home she knows that it was not really possible as she had just had my youngest nephew, she was recovering from a C section and suffering from post natal depression, but the feeling of guilt and blame always remain and this topic has brought it back to the surface (we have a topic on Guilt and Grief which goes into further detail).

Also, of late with various conversations I have had with different people including my sister, it has made us realise the hurt, anger, upset and distress of what happened to our Dad has not gone away. We have realised that even though it is not something that’s spoken about or thought about every day, the feelings are just as strong as they were in 2017. It is never going to be okay what happened to our Dad. We are still determined to get the justice that he so rightly deserves.

  • Our Dads life mattered
  • “Elderly” life matters (we have put this in quotation marks as we are angered at the fact that older people should be treated different just because they are older. We felt insulted when our Dad was constantly referred to as “elderly” in the hospital) Before being admitted to the hospital, our Dad had sight and was mobile, he was an independent man.
  • All life matters (we also have a topic on Making a Complaint)

Please see Vulnerable and Grief:


2. Quotes: Vulnerable and Grief


3. Vulnerable and Grief

3.1 Feeling vulnerable is common when we are grieving | A Valley Journal

“15 Mar 2019 — Losing a loved one can be utterly life-shattering. Nothing seems the same anymore because most things are not the same. One of the”…

3.2 Vulnerable Grieving and the Freedom of Letting Go | by Alana Palm |Real Life..

13 Aug 2018 — Some of you may have tracked the Orca in the Pacific Ocean who just recently let her baby go after carrying around its dead body for 17 days. 2”.

3.3 Feelings of Fear and Vulnerability in Grief – What’s Your Grief

“19 Sept 2017 — Sometimes this lens can be constructive and open-minded, but often it’s angry, pessimistic, or fearful (among many other things). It’s not abnormal”…

3.4 Grief does not require strength it requires vulnerability

“So when death pays a visit and we come face to face with how truly vulnerable we are, the most natural response in the world is to try to outrun those feelings of” …

3.5 How Vulnerability Helps You Recover from Grief

“21 Jul 2020 — A big part of processing your grief and healing again after loss is sharing your pain with others. By doing so you get understanding and”…

3.6 12 Myths of Grief and Vulnerability Inner Travel Coaching

“Nothing makes us feel more exposed and vulnerable than grief and loss (except maybe that nightmare you had of finally becoming a bonafide rock star only to”…

3.7 Giving in to Grief and Loss: Permission to be Vulnerable

“8 Jun 2020 — COVID-19 has created many changes. We are washing our hands frequently, wearing masks, and staying at home. Unfortunately, these”…

3.8 When We Feel VULNERABLE |The Grief Toolbox

“1 Jul 2016 — The definition of normal has totally changed. Our emotions are all over the place. We’re more vulnerable than we realize. I guess I was lonely. “I …

3.9 Feeling Vulnerable is NOT a Sign of Weakness – Grief Inspired

“16 Jun 2017 — As I grieved, the things that were the most unsettling were the loss of certainty and the inability to feel grounded and secure. I know now that this”…

3.10 My Grief, My Vulnerability. | elephant journal

“27 Feb 2015 — Cozy, Healthy Recipes. I first came across the concept of ‘vulnerability‘ after hearing Brene Brown’s TED talk ‘The Power of Vulnerability”.

3.11 8 Lessons From Bene Brown On Healing Through Grief…

“4 Sept 2019 — Brene Brown can teach us a lot about grief and healing, funeral professionals. See for yourself”.

3.12 Teeter-Totter of Resilience and Vulnerability in Grief – Griefwords

“To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.” – Criss Jami. As you journey through your grief,”…


4. Our Final Thoughts/YouTube Video

 From time to time the trauma that we experienced resurfaces. We have it locked away, but at times without any warning, we are brought back to the same intense sad feelings. Feelings that we still have not yet addressed. This topic has made us realise and revisit some of those moments. Although they feel painful and sadness, it is sometimes necessary to acknowledge and feel these emotions rather than keep them locked away all the time.

Grief is a journey; it is an individual process. Life has many twists and turns, ups and downs, good times and bad. Throughout all of these moments and experiences, doing the best for our health and mental wellbeing is important and necessary. Taking care of ourselves as best as possible is important..

We hope this topic might be of use to someone.



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