Disconnected and Grief Complicated Grief

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Please see: Disconnected and Grief Complicated Grief which covers:

  1. Introduction/Our Story
  2. Quotes on Disconnected and Grief
  3. Disconnected and Grief
  4. Quotes on Complicated Grief
  5. Complicated Grief
  6. Our Final Thoughts/YouTube Video

1. Introduction/Our Story

My sister and I often speak about the fact we are aware we are detached from our loss. We are aware we are like this because we have allowed the distractions of dealing with our Dad’s affairs and daily life to be an avoidance of having to face up to our reality.

We are aware we have felt as though we are living life in a grief Bubble. But now it feels as though we are living in our own little world. Our world of grief, caring for our Mum, my sister caring for her children. And within this all, it seems we have become almost disconnected with life.

We feel the pandemic which has forced the world into self-isolation has definitely played a big part in this.

We say this because we are aware of the situation with our Dad caused us to become very withdrawn and almost introvert, but we would always try our best to maintain socialising with family and friends.

The pandemic has changed the way we have to interact with each other, but it seems it had an adverse effect on us, as it gives us more of a chance to become further withdrawn and further disconnected with the world and society.

This has become a strong realisation as it has become apparent, we are not being as social as we think we might be. It is quite a scary realisation as; it’s almost as though the world and life have been passing us by and we have been completely oblivious to this fact.

We appreciate our family and friend’s dearly and to think we could potentially be missing out on precious moments because of the place we are at in our journey is not a great feeling. We love and appreciate you all and want you all to know this.

Because this feeling is so strong is the reason, we felt compelled to make it a topic. In case there might be other people experiencing this same type of situation.

Please see Disconnected and Grief Complicated Grief:


2. Quotes on Disconnected and Grief


3. Disconnected and Grief

3.1 I Feel So Disconnected……. Living with Grief

“7 Jan 2014 — … represent whomever has died in your life. Do you feel disconnected? For so many of us who have suffered through the death of a loved one”, …

3.2 The One Thing No One Ever Says About Grieving

10 Jan 2020 — But grief isn’t some evil force that’s only there to cause pain, grief is escorting up an even deeper feeling – a truth about your life, what you value”…

3.3 12 Insights into Grieving After the Death of Your Loved One

These 12 insights will help you understand your own grief journey and why it … here through your experiences of bumping up against the world in their absence. … This comes from the death having caught you off-guard and unprepared”.

3.4 How to grieve in a society disconnected from Death (according to an undertaker)

20 May 2018 — How to grieve in a society disconnected from death (according to an undertaker). Lianna Champ has decades of experience as a funeral”…

3.5 What does grief feel like? | Mind, the mental health charity – help for mental…

“Read about different experiences of grief and how it can feel to be bereaved. Learn about the grief cycle, and how grief relates to mental health”.


4. Quotes on Complicated Grief


5. Complicated Grief

5.1 Grief and mourning gone awry: pathway and course of complicated grief

Instead, they become entangled in grief, caught up in a futile struggle of silent protest, … and integrate grief by coming to terms with the loss and reorienting to a world … We naturally resist thinking of our own death and even more so that of our”…

5.2 The Lessons I learned about grief after my Mum died – Kent Live

“10 May 2020 — With each devastating loss, people all over will be waking up in a different world. Here are my tips on facing that new world. … But you can’t take others emotions on board as your own. There just won’t be enough room. … I caught COVID in May and my sense of taste and smell is still completely ruined”.

5.3 Complicated grief – Symptoms and Causes – Mayo Clinic

What is complicated grief?”

This is known as complicated grief, sometimes called persistent complex bereavement disorder. In complicated grief, painful emotions are so long lasting and severe that you have trouble recovering from the loss and resuming your own life. Different people follow different paths through the grieving experience”. (5 Oct 2017)

5.4 About Complicated Grief |Cruse Bereavement Care

“What is complicated grief? Why does grief become complicated? How do I know whether I’m experiencing complicated grief? What should I do if I feel this way?”

5.5 Depression vs. Complicated Grief – Healthline

Complicated grief (CG), on the other hand, is caused by the death of someone close to you. CG, sometimes called persistent complex bereavement disorder”, …

5.6 What Are the Signs of Complicated Grief Disorder? – Bridges

The loss of a loved one is a traumatic event. But over time healing and acceptance are expected to occur, and if they don’t it is a sign of trouble”.


6. Our Final Thoughts/YouTube Video

My sister and I are truly on a journey. It feels like its a journey of discovery, or rediscovery even. We are not the same people we once were, and so finding a new beginning can feel almost impossible.

With each new challenge we face, we always try our best to face it with a positive mental attitude. Something else that has become apparent is as the blog grows, so do we in some way. It is teaching us about our grief, indvidually and through the supportive grief community we have become a part of as we move along our Journey.

As time goes on we hope to continue working through our grief as best as we can whilst also living and remaining in the moments of life.


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