Grief Probate Journey is 21 Months Old

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March 2021

Wow, We are 21 Months Old! We would like to say a BIG MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us and continue to support us. Family, friends, readers and followers of the blog, people who share their stories with us. The Grief community we have become part of. We are eternally grateful and appreciate you all. This continued support and encouragement has helped to keep us going and get us to this Milestone achievement.

So much has taken place since our last accomplishment of reaching 18 Months.

Since we published that topic: Grief Probate Journey is 18 Months Old the world has continued to be transitioning through many changes. The Coronavirus Pandemic has been a huge part of our daily lives worldwide ever since the first National Lock down in March 2020.

There are no words to describe what living through something like this in our day and age is like. To my sister and I, we feel like we are living through a real-life movie. Surreal is to say the least. It can also feel soul destroying, mortifying, overwhelming.

We are now in another lockdown which started in December 2020, it is now March 2021, one year since the first lockdown in March 2020. To say these are trying, testing, challenging times for people is a very big understatement.

There have been losses of all kinds for many people worldwide it is heart wrenching.

We as a family have lost loved ones, this is a new experience for us. Loss and mourning during the pandemic. Surreal does not even come close to it.

Worldwide we have gone through a lot, we can only hope that there will be better days and we will come through situations as best as possible. Our physical, mental health and wellbeing, our mental state of mind is even more important during times like this.

Despite these difficult times, we remain trying our best to acknowledge and appreciate special moments. We do this to try and have a balance, and to see the good that is still around us, and also the changes we can still make in our lives.

Our blog and the latest achievements are definitely one of these.

In the past three months Grief Probate Journey has:

Reached the following new countries:

  • Suriname
  • St Martin
  • Bolivia
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Martinique

Within the first month of this year, we have had more views, comments, and likes than in the first six months of starting the blog. That is something that we were extremely pleased to have discovered. An example of some positive and supportive feedback received is below. This was a recommendation on our Facebook Business page: (Please also see links to the topic mentioned): Disconnected and Grief Complicated Grief. The second comment is directly from the blog and refers to our topic: Rare Disease Day

The blog is growing, our community connections are growing and strengthening, it truly is a humbling and blessed feeling.

It is hard to imagine what our life would be like if the blog were not part of it. it has become part of us, and we have become part of it. It most definitely is helping us along our grief journey.

Our knowledge is increasing, we are discovering so many new things that we are able to share.

Everything we are doing is in honour of our amazing Dad, it is hard to believe that it has now been Four years since he passed away. It feels like something of major disbelief.

This blog is not only about the loss of our Dad and the experiences we went through and continue to go through, but also about health and mental wellbeing, these things are equally important to us. Knowledge and awareness are power, and can be the difference between so many things, for this reason alone we hope we can keep going, keep getting stronger, and keep sharing far and wide.

This is all in honour of our Dad. We love and miss him forever and always xXx


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