Grief Probate Journey YouTube Channel is 12 Months old

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April 2021

WOW, Grief Probate Journey YouTube Channel is 12 Month’s Old

Time truly is zooming on by, it feels like it’s been going even faster since this worldwide pandemic. Such surreal, life changing, life challenging times.

Because of these trying times, we are even more EXTREMELY, HUMBLED, GRATEFUL and BLESSED to have made it this far publishing short introductions to our Blog topics. We are happy that we are able to provide a visual presence as well as a written experience along our grief journey.

Since launching the channel in April 2020, with our first video published: Interview with The Color of Grief: Who we are, Our journey, and how we got into the world of blogging- Tuesday 14th April 2020, we have tried our best to utilise this platform and use it to our advantage in helping us to share our story as far and as wide as possible. In our aim to do that we are pleased to know we have published 72 videos since we first launched the channel

Since publishing our topic: Grief Probate Journey YouTube Channel is 6 months old we have achieved the following:

We have continued to receive positive encouraging feedback, we appreciate this so much. These things give us drive to continue producing these short videos.

Please see some feedback and comments below:

These comments and feedback above are for the following topics:

We would like to say a HUGE BIG MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who watches, shares, comments on our videos. It truly means so much to us. Although we have been doing these videos for a year now, it still can feel quite daunting. These comments helps to reassure us, and give us that boost to keep on going.

Moving forward we hope to introduce new aspects to our channel and keep it growing in 2021 and beyond.

We would like to wish anyone who reads this topic a safe and blessed day, week, and beyond.

Love and Blessings

Grief Probate Journey


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