Grief Probate Journey YouTube Channel is 20 Months old

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December 2021

WOW, our YouTube channel is 20 months old! what an achievement!

We didn’t even realise this much time has gone by, and because of this, we are publishing this topic late. We would have done an update at 18 months.

Saying that we are thankful we have been busy with our blog and social media platforms and our aim and mission of trying our very best to help spread and share awareness of matters of Grief, Health, Well-being, Medical conditions, Mental Health and more.

We would like to say a BIG MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who watches, likes, shares, and comments on our videos. Although they are only short introductions to our topics, the comments and positive feedback truly helps to give us validation that a YouTube channel is beneficial for our blog.

Please see some of the comments below:

These comments relate to the following topics: Lungs and grief and Memories and grief

Since publishing our last blog topic: Grief Probate Journey YouTube channel is 12 months old we have achieved the following:

  • We have 16 new Subscribers
  • Uploaded 42 more videos
  • Our views are continuously increasing
  • Conducted another interview (our second interview ever) we were honoured to be able to have done this. Interviewing the first person to interview us, and the reason how our YouTube Channel came about. Please see the interview below:
  • (This was from our topic on Community Grief Support).

We feel extremely humbled, grateful, and blessed for the fact we have managed to keep this channel going for 20 months. It has become a valued addition to our blog and its journey.

Looking to the future we hope to continue uploading short introductions and interviews as we continue moving through our journey, and we remain thankful for what we have achieved so far.

Hugs and Blessings

Grief Probate Journey

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