Fatherless Father’s Day

This is something that feels so strange.

What is even more strange is forgetting that Father’s Day is a thing and forgetting that the day is coming around.

Never in our minds did we think about this being something that we would feel or go through…..

Please see Fatherless Father’s Day which covers:

  1. Introduction
  2. Father’s Day project 2020
  3. Illustrative examples: Fatherless Father’s Day
  4. Fatherless Father’s Day
  5. Our final thoughts/YouTube video

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1. Introduction

This is something that feels so strange.

What is even more strange is forgetting that Father’s Day is a thing and forgetting that the day is coming around.

Never in our minds did we think about this being something that we would feel or go through.

The thing about it is, our Dad sadly passed away four years ago. Wow, as I’ve just counted back to find how many years it’s been, I’m in shock.

Four years sounds like such a long time. Our brain still hasn’t acknowledged these many years have passed by.

I think that’s why the first time when adverts were coming on for gifts for men, and the penny didn’t drop Father’s day was approaching it was the strangest feeling ever. It was not a nice feeling.

It was like a whole new loss.

When our Dad passed away we experienced our firsts, and they felt like they were literally back to back:

  • Our first time celebrating my nephews birthdays
  • Our first Father’s day without our Dad
  • Our first time not celebrating our Dads birthday and he would have been 80. This still saddens us to this very day
  • Our first time celebrating our birthdays

I think the first time it hit me that although we continued celebrating fathers day, our Dad is not here was in 2019. We were not together as a family for the first time, and that is when reality hit. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do with myself as this was never a day that I didn’t have anything to do.

And then the next year 2020 was coronavirus and the pandemic, and so Father’s day has never been the same since.

We have never done a topic on this since our Dad sadly passed away, but for some reason, we had this feeling and almost need to do it. it feels necessary, it feels right and that is why we are doing it.

Something very nice for us, within the grief community we have become part of, we were honoured to be asked to take part in a project for fatherless Daughters on Father’s Day in 2020.

We felt so honoured, and we felt it was a fitting and grand gesture in our Dads honour. We are so thankful to griefandgrits for thinking of us and reaching out to us to be part of such an amazing project ❤💙❤.

Please see the project here (We are holding the Heart Tugging sign):

2. Father’s Day project 2020

We are on a continued journey and learning experience in life after loss. We didn’t see or anticipate that our blog would be part of this experience, but the more time that passes the more happy we are that we started it and the more grateful we are that we are still here sharing our story. We hope to contine doing this for as long as possible 🙏🏾❤💙🙏🏾

Please see Fatherless Father’s Day:

3. Illustrative examples: Fatherless Father’s Day


4. Fatherless Father’s Day

4.1 How can I survive Father’s Day without a Father?

How to Survive Your First Father’s Day Without your Dad

  1. “Learn about grief and pain”.
  2. “Read quotes about loss”.
  3. “Connect with loved ones”.
  4. “Create a new tradition”.
  5. “Give a gift to another family member”.
  6. “Write a letter to your dad”.
  7. “Host a family meal”.
  8. “Do your father’s favorite activity”. More items… (27 May 2021)

4.2 How do I survive Father’s Day?

“I’ve learned that the combination of these things softens the blow and makes the day more manageable”:

  1. “Stay off of Facebook”. …
  2. “Get into nature”. …
  3. “Be kind to yourself”. …
  4. “Reach out to the people who have stood in”. …
  5. “Think of the new dads”. …
  6. “Find a simple, even fun, way to remember your dad”. (15 Jun 2017)

4.3 For the Fatherless on Father’s Day – Thrive Global

“19 Jun 2020 — For those of you like my husband and one of my best friends who are experiencing their first Father’s Day without Dad the entire day is like”…

4.4 Getting Through Father’s Day Without Your Dad | Everyday

“(16 Jun 2020) — I have a little more grit and endurance to navigate this fatherless version of myself​. With Father’s Day on the horizon, I choose to be mindful of”…

4.5 What do you say to someone without a father on Father’s Day?

“Say their father’s name”.

“Grieving people often wish that others would say the name of the person who died. It reminds them that others are remembering their dad and missing him too. Try saying, “I’ve been thinking about Bob this Father’s Day. I miss him a lot.”

4.6 5 Tips For Surviving A Fatherless Father’s Day | HuffPost Life

“(10 Jun 2016) — Practice some self-care strategies. Book a massage. Get a manicure/pedicure. Go for a long walk or run. Buy yourself some nice sheets and get”…

4.7 Father’s Day: How to cope with Father’s Day when you’ve lost….

“(18 Jun 2017) — Being fatherless on Father’s Day is tough – but I don’t let it spoil the … of friends who for them this will be the first since losing their own father”.

4.8 How to Care for Fatherless Children on Father’s Day – iMom

“Daddy issues are tough at any time, but especially around Father’s Day. … of their dad’s death and, on the heels of that, another fatherless Father’s Day. … their dad growing up (those I heard myself) and stories of our dating and early married”…

5. Our final thoughts/YouTube video

It strangely feels almost surreal that we are doing this as a topic. But at the same time, it just feels like this is what we needed to do.

We hope this topic might be of some comfort to those who read it. You are in our thoughts and prayers on this difficult day. We wish you a blessed day, remainder of the weekend, and week ahead.

Hugs, Love and Blessings, Grief Probate Journey ❤💙❤


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