Grief is Unpredictable. Inspired by Robin & Sonshine

Please see Grief is Unpredictable: Unpredictable Grief which covers:

  1. Introduction
  2. Grief is Unpredictable
  3. Our Final Thoughts
  4. Our YouTube Video

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1. Introduction

This topic came about purely by coincidence. When scrolling through our Instagram page a post came up from Robin & Sonshine. The caption was Grief is…. And it was up to anyone who saw the post to sum it up in one word. The first word that came to mind was unpredictable. That is the best way to describe what we have been experiencing since our Dad passed away in March 2017. Please see the question below:

Robin & Sonshine


COMING SOON – Creations for the Bereaved & Grieving✨🤍

At first, this was just a question answered, with no other thought. But once we digested the question and our answer, we started thinking more. From these thoughts, we decided this could be a topic, and so here it is.

For my sister and I, it has been a literal rollercoaster of emotions and situations. It has challenged us both mentally and physically. It catches us off guard, sometimes when we very least expect it (we have a topic on Dissociation and Grief.

Both my sister and I have experienced loss before Our Dad, but what we have experienced with our Dad does not compare to any other loss we have known.

We do still detach from our feelings, we think this is probably to do with the nature in which things happened. Also, because we thought we were going to seek justice through the hospital complaint, our energy was directed towards that, all the unjust feelings were focused on pushing us forward with our complaint.

In March this year, we found out that the way in which we approached the complaint was all wrong which means we now have to find another way to get ourselves heard. It has taken us seven months to come to terms with what we learnt and find the strength within us to take this on from a different perspective.

Our Dad sadly passed away five years ago, but to us, it still feels new and unbelievable. The most random of things can trigger us and transport us right back to the raw and fresh feelings from the moment our Dad passed away (We have topics on Triggers and Grief, and Triggers Anxiety and Grief.

Please see Grief is Unpredictable. Inspired by Robin and Sonshine:


2. Grief is Unpredictable

2.1 The Unpredictable Journey – The Loss Foundation

“A common theme is the unpredictability of bereavement. If we knew what to expect when grieving, for example, the days we would feel better and the days we would feel worse, then we could plan ahead. But as many of you will know – this is not possible. Grief can come in waves, and take us by surprise hour by hour”.

2.2 How Grief doesn’t always disappear when we think it does

Grief is unpredictable as hell.” We compared notes, about when and how (and how quickly) something comes along and pitches us back to emotions we thought we”…

2.3 Grief and Loss is Tricky and Unpredictable

(2 May 2016) — “This is why grief is so tricky because it is very unpredictable. We have all heard the expression that “time heals all wounds”.

2.4 Grieving – how come its so unpredictable?

(30 Nov 2010) — “One of the few things we can say with certainty about grieving is that it is unpredictable, changeable and sometimes really frightening”.

2.5 The One Thing No One Ever Says About Grieving

(16 Jun 2022) — “Navigating through grief is unpredictable, dangerous terrain. You don’t have to do it alone. We all experience grief at one point or another”…

2.6 Coping with Grief and Loss –

“You may experience all kinds of difficult and unexpected emotions, from shock or anger to disbelief, guilt, and profound sadness. The pain of grief can also”…

2.7 Why Sudden Bereavement is Hard –

“The defining factor is that the death was sudden, unexpected, and someone very close. Reference. 1 Complicated grief and the quest for meaning: a”…

2.8 Sudden Loss Grief: Ways to Cope With an Unexpected Death

“The term “unexpected death” includes the loss of a loved one by suicide, accidents, or an unknown illness. When the illness is known but the loved one passes”…


4. Our Final Thoughts

We hope this topic will be of use to those who read it.


5. Our YouTube video


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