Distorted Grief

This is another one of those topics not planned, and not looking for. When doing research for something else we saw this term, it stood out to us as we could relate to it and so we wanted to find out more….

Please see Distorted and Grief which covers:

  1. Introduction
  2. Distorted Grief
  3. Useful Grief Resources
  4. Our Final Thoughts
  5. Our YouTube Video

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1. Introduction

This is another one of those topics not planned, and not looking for. When doing research for something else we saw this term, it stood out to us as we could relate to it and so we wanted to find out more.

The term we saw was:

“Distorted Grief may give you feelings of guilt and anger”

My sister and I can most definitely relate to this. The nature of the circumstances in which our Dad passed away makes us feel guilty up until this very day. We know and are aware it was not our fault as we are not medical professionals, we are two daughters who wanted only the best for our Dad. Even though we thought he was in the best place to receive the best care, we cannot help but feel guilty about the way things turned out. Guilt and great sadness as well as anger.

We do not feel things needed to turn out the way that they did. Sadly, nothing can be done about that, more than anything we wish our Dad was still here with us, but as we know that cannot happen, we are doing our very best to get our Dad the justice he rightly deserves for everything that he endured in his seven-month battle in the hospital. This journey of trying to seek justice has been a long and hard one. We hope that somehow we manage to succeed and that our efforts will not end up being in vain.

We are approaching the sixth year in which our Dad sadly passed away. We still havent been heard with regards to our complaint. But when speaking to people about things, if anything to do with injustice comes up, it reignites our fight and determination to not give up.

Our journey is one of learning and discovery and sharing as we go along. We faced so many unknowns along the way. Being able to share new things we find out was one of the main reasons we started this blog. Creating a platform that can be accessed by those who might need it.

Please see Distorted Grief:


2. Distorted Grief

2.1 The Death Of a Parent Changes Children Of All Ages Forever

“The Death Of A Parent Affects Even Grown Children Psychologically And Physically. Grief is both real and measurable. Scientists now know that losing a parent changes us forever. Losing a parent is among the most emotionally difficult and universal of human experiences”. (16 Jul 2018).

2.2 What’s Distorted Grief? Coping Explained | Cake Blog (15 Sept 2022) — “It manifests in the form of extreme emotional and behavioral changes in a grieving individual. Having intense feelings of guilt, anger, and”…

2.3 Distorted Grief: 10 Things to Know When Grief Turns Hostile
“Grief hits hard. Really hard. So much so that emotional distortions can happen. This is known as distorted grief.

Maybe you’ve noticed yourself acting differently. Are anger and irritability right at the surface, just ready to boil over? Feelings of guilt and hostility may take over at any given moment”.

2.4 Types of Grief: Grief Reactions, Grief Symptoms, and FAQs for…

“Grief is a strong feeling and sense of sadness or melancholy often caused by the death of someone close to you, the loss of something that helped formed your”…


3. Useful Grief Resources

16 Different Types of Grief People Experience (23 Sept 2021 — 1. Normal Grief · 2. Anticipatory Grief · 3. Complicated Grief · 4. Chronic Grief · 5. Delayed Grief · 6. Distorted Grief · 7. Cumulative Grief · 8.)

12 Types of Grief You May Not Know About – BetterUp  (28 Jan 2022 — 1. Normal grief · 2. Absent grief · 3. Anticipatory grief · 4. Delayed grief · 5. Complicated grief · 6. Cumulative grief · 7. Disenfranchised grief).

13 Types Of Grief You Can Experience After Loss “Types of Grief · Normal grief · Anticipatory grief · Complicated grief · Disenfranchised grief · Delayed grief · Secondary loss · Distorted grief”.


4. Our Final Thoughts

We hope this topic will be of use to those who read it.


5. Our YouTube Video



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