March Awareness Month 2022

As we move through our journey, we are discovering more and more awareness days/weeks/months.  When so many fall within a month we combine them…. Please see March Awareness Month 2022 which covers: Introduction World Hearing Day 3rd March University Mental Health Day 3rd March International Women’s Day 8th March World Kidney Day 10th March No […]

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Children’s Mental Health Week 7 – 13th February 2022: Growing Together. Featuring Antonio and Romero

For this topic, we have had inspiration from my nephews. When having a conversation with Romero about school he mentioned Wellbeing Wednesday. I asked him what it was about, and he said it happens every Wednesday at his school…. Please see Children’s Mental Health Week 7– 12th February 2022 which covers: Introduction Illustrative examples/Quotes: Children’s […]

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February Awareness Month 2022

We have decided to do a topic for the month as there are many awareness days/weeks and months within this month. There are some that we will do separately, but as we want to highlight all of the ones, we are aware of, we are combining them into one topic…… Please see February Awareness Month […]

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November Awareness Month 2021

Preview to the topic: From time to time if many awareness Months fall within one month, we combine them within one topic. Even when we do this, we do not include them all, there could be some that we have missed, but we try our best to find as many as possible in the hope […]

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Chronic Grief

This is another term we have come across by chance when doing research for another topic. Once we discovered it, we wanted to find out what it meant and to see if we could relate to it….. Please see Chronic Grief which covers: Introduction Quotes/Illustrative examples: Chronic Grief Chronic Grief Pathological Grieving Our Final Thoughts/Our […]

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World Sight Day 2021

All of our senses are important. They all play their individual vital role in our body and how it can function. Today (Thursday 14th October) is World Sight Day. Please see World Sight Day 2021 which covers: © Copyright 2019 Grief Probate Journey Blog *PLEASE NOTE THIS INFORMATION IS SOURCED FROM UK and AMERICAN WEBSITES* […]

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