Delirium Awareness

Preview of topic: This blog is a work in progress. Our first initial thought was we wanted to share the knowledge of the many unknowns we were facing (and still are facing now)…We use various social media platforms to monitor which best suits to help us get our story out there..through posting this we learned […]

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Sepsis Awareness

Preview of topic: So far, the way in which the blog has been structured is that we publish a new topic each week. However, due to how many people have commented on their own experiences with this subject matter, it made us feel that it needed to be touched on some more to try and […]

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Bed Sores (and Osteomyelitis)

Preview of topic: This is a topic that fills us with great sadness. Unfortunately for our Dad, during his time in the hospital, he developed a pressure sore (bed sore). At that time we were never made aware of how bad it actually was. It was only in the week that he passed away or […]

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Preview of topic: We as a family were so shocked to learn that our Dad had contracted this life-threatening infection. What made it even more shocking/saddening is that we were not made aware of it at that time that our Dad was in the hospital….. Please see Sepsis which covers: Our story Internet examples of […]

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Lung Infection

Preview of topic: We are writing about this topic as during our Dad’s time in the hospital he had a major incident where he choked. I was witness to this incident, it was very scary and very traumatic. Thankfully our Dad made it through this, however, we were informed that as a result of the […]

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Pneumonia (Including Choking)

Preview of topic: This is quite a touchy subject for us. The main reason being, at the time our Dad was in the hospital we were not aware that he had acquired pneumonia. We were only made aware of this after the fact (once the final certificate was received)…. Please see Pneumonia which covers: Our […]

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Preview of topic: Because of the various infections our Dad contracted as a result of the Infective Endocarditis infection, he would often get delirium. We had never heard of this term until it happened to our Dad. What a learning curve this alone was….. Introduction to our experience with Delirium Delirium/Causes/Symptoms Treatment/Cures for Delirium Infection […]

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Infective Endocarditis

Preview of topic: In september 2016 our Dad was admitted to hospital. He had been found unconscious at home. Thankfully, just before the paramedics arrived at his home he had started to regain consciousness. By the time I arrived at the hosptial (my mum and sister were already there….. Please see Infective Endocarditis which covers: […]

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