Chronic Grief

This is another term we have come across by chance when doing research for another topic. Once we discovered it, we wanted to find out what it meant and to see if we could relate to it….. Please see Chronic Grief which covers: Introduction Quotes/Illustrative examples: Chronic Grief Chronic Grief Pathological Grieving Our Final Thoughts/Our […]

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National Grief Awareness Day 2021

Today is National Grief Awareness Day. We didn’t question doing a topic on this. Worldwide so many of us are grieving. The way we grieve, mourn and honour loved ones has changed drastically due to the pandemic…. Please see National Grief Awareness Day 2021 which covers: Introduction Professor Green: YouTube Video and article: When grief […]

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Purpose and Grief

Sitting and thinking about life and existence. The word purpose came to our mind. Realising that having purpose is something that keeps us (my sister and I) going. Purpose gives a reason to be motivated and do the simplest thing as getting out of bed in the mornings. Without feeling there is a purpose, what […]

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