New Year and Grief 2023: Self-Care Methods

New year, new beginnings, new hopes, new dreams, new fears. New everything. We can never know what is in store for us, but something that is even more certain over the past few years is that nothing stays the same, and things can change very dramatically in almost an instant……

Please see New Year and Grief 2023: Self-Care Methods which covers:

  1. Introduction to the topic
  2. Grief in the New Year
  3. Help for grieving families in a New Year
  4. YouTube Video: Hope Again Hope in Grief
  5. Self-care, self-care, and grief
  6. New Year’s Resolutions for the Grieving: Illustrative examples
  7. Useful resources
  8. Our final thoughts
  9. Our YouTube Video

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1. Introduction to the topic

New year, new beginnings, new hopes, new dreams, new fears. New everything.

We can never know what is in store for us, but something that is even more certain over the past few years is that nothing stays the same, and things can change very dramatically in almost an instant.

2022 saw the pandemic still in its heightened stages, lockdowns, shielding, social distancing, and self-isolating all still in place, then it started easing, and the new phase was trying to get back to some form of “normality” after having being locked up for practically two years. We were then faced with another “new normal” and the aftermath of the effects of the pandemic.

But with that came the reality of the many losses endured during that time. Loss of jobs, family members, home, and friendships.

When facing a loss, trauma or health matter, there can be times or situations that trigger you into the reality of your loss or current situation. Entering into a New Year is most definitely a situation that can cause reflection and realisations such as new grief and past grief. Entering into a new year with such a great change can be daunting, overwhelming, and uncertain. You could feel alone and very unsure.

The usual tradition for entering the New Year would be to make resolutions. In honesty for me with how the world and life have been so unpredictable, things such as resolutions do not seem so significant. Things that are more important are my mental health and well-being for myself, my family and my friends. In this topic, we share tips on navigating through the year with a loss, self-care tips, as well as grief resolutions for the New Year ahead.

Please see New year and Grief 2023: Self-Care Methods:


2. Grief in the New Year

2.1 Grief in the New Year: 6 Mindful Tips To Cope With Loss

20 Dec 2022 — “The new year is a marker in time. As we transition from 2022 into 2023, you may be feeling ambivalent. Part of you may be digging in your heels”, …

2.2 How to cope with New Year after losing a loved one | Patient

(26 Dec 2021) — “Facing a new year after losing a loved one can be particularly upsetting. This can make coping with memories all the more difficult”.

2.3 Starting the New Year when you are grieving

“Starting the New Year when you are grieving. Starting a new year can bring some difficult feelings for those who have been bereaved. If you’d like to make”…

2.4 How to ‘Celebrate’ the New Year If You Had a Terrible Year

“Say farewell to 2022 in whatever way feels good. Even if the bad things that happened in your life in 2022 will continue to affect you in 2023”, …

2.5 How do you say Happy New Year to someone who is grieving?

Some simple, yet heartfelt messages to friends who are grieving are:

  1. “You’re in my thoughts as we ring in the new year. …
  2. “May this new year bring you comfort and peace.” …
  3. “Many blessings to you this New Year. …
  4. “I’ll light a candle for you and your loved one when ringing in the New Year.” (More items… 31 May 2022)

2.6 New Years’ Resolutions for Grieving

“New Year’s Resolutions for Grieving · I resolve to not place time limits on my grief; it will take as long as it takes. · I resolve to acknowledge my grief as my”…

2.7 Coping with grief at the start of a new year – Sue Ryder

Coping with grief at the start of a new year

  • “Be honest with yourself and others. It’s okay to be finding grief difficult and it’s okay to put you and your mental health first”. …
  • “Plan your days”. …
  • Take time away from social media. …
  • Reach out for help. …
  • Consider how far you have come. (21 Dec 2022)


3. Help for grieving families in a New Year

3.1 Supporting someone who has been bereaved – Marie Curie

(8 Nov 2022) — “It can be hard to know how to support a friend or relative who’s grieving. Includes advice on what to say, how to get in touch and how to”…

3.2 Bereavement – Find support with coping – Age UK

(20 Sept 2022) — “Cruse Bereavement Care can offer practical advice, signposting to services or just someone to chat to about how you’re feeling”.

3.3 Support for Bereaved Parents and Siblings

“SLOW is an award-winning bereavement charity offering support for bereaved parents and siblings in the UK following the devastating loss of a child”.


You can get involved by visiting the GMB website and pledging your time this festive season, to help us end loneliness and isolation for bereaved families.

3.5  Child Bereavement UK

“Child Bereavement UK supports families and educates professionals when a baby or child of any age dies or is dying, or when a child is facing bereavement”.


4. YouTube Video: Hope Again Hope in Grief


Hope Again- Young people living life after loss

(28 Mar 2019) “This short film highlights the different emotions explored through a number of young people’s personal journeys of grief and loss. More importantly, the young people describe how they now continue their loved ones legacy after receiving much needed support from Cruse/Hope Again. This film aims to provide hope in grief to anyone who has experienced a bereavement”.


5. Self-care, Self-care, and grief

5.1 11 tips on self-care while grieving – Marie Curie

(26 Aug 2021) — “When someone close to you dies, everything you knew as “normal” can change in that moment. Here’s a selection of selfcare strategies that”…

5.2 Why is self-care important in grief?

“Grief can be raw, painful, and messy. It is important during times of grief to take care of yourself. Self-care is a crucial part of the healing process and can help ease the suffering of the mind, body, and spirit. As every individual’s grief is unique, so is their path to healing from a loss”. (2 Aug 2019).

5.3 What is self-care in grief and loss?

“Do something you’re good at. It is important to immerse yourself in your skills and abilities, even if the outcome isn’t up to par (trouble concentrating and decreased zest are common in grief). Comfort yourself by taking a warm bath using your favorite scents, and burn aromatherapy candles. Wrap up in a warm blanket”.

5.4 How do you practice self-care when grieving?

Every person grieves and copes differently, so here’s a selection of self-care strategies that you may find useful.

  1. “Continue bonds”. …
  2. “Spend time with others”. …
  3. “Listen to your body”. …
  4. “Lower expectations for yourself”. …
  5. “Take time”. …
  6. “Do the familiar things you used to do”. …
  7. “Pamper yourself”. …
  8. “Keep a journal”.

5.5 How can I be kind to myself when grieving? “Give your self-compassion and nurturing time a name because it is a big deal. It is part of healthy adjustment to major loss. Call it “My Time” or “Be Kind to Me Hour” (or for 30 minutes). Find a catchy name and look forward to it as something you deserve, as you do”. (25 Nov 2007).


6. New Year’s Resolutions for the Grieving – Illustrative examples


7. Useful Resources

How to approach the New Year after a Bereavement  (31 Dec 2018) —” For some, that’s resolutions with a determination for new fitness levels, healthy diets, dry January or a detox, maybe taking up a hobby or”…

Support and self-care for grief – Mind “Child Bereavement UK – provides support for anyone who has lost a child, and for children themselves who are bereaved. Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity”( …

Hope Again What is Hope Again? Hope Again is the Youth Website of Cruse Bereavement Support. It is a safe place where you can learn from other young people, how to cope with grief, and feel less alone…

Mental Health Services – NHS “depression; generalised anxiety; social anxiety; panic and agoraphobia; other phobias; obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD); post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)”…

9 Self-Care Tips For Grief: Reduce Your Suffering in Mind … (13 Sept 2021) — “Self-care for grief can help you suffer less in mind, body and spirit. Just doing one of them can start the ball rolling”.

The importance of self-care while grieving (9 Oct 2020) — “Give yourself permission to really feel your loss. Talking about your grief through therapy or journaling might help, or perhaps a more creative”…

Facing the New Year when You are Bereaved “Therese Rando, a noted grief therapist and author, describes grieving as a learning process. Each minute with a loved one created patterns of how to operate and”…


8. Our Final Thoughts


9. Our YouTube Video



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