World Wellbeing Week 2021

We discovered this awareness week last year and were pleasantly surprised. We were also pleased we were able to make it a topic: World Wellbeing Week June 2020. Guest Feature: W.E.L.L.BEING. At the time last year, we were one month into what turned into over a year of living life in lockdown. Living a completely […]

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International Men’s Day 2020

Preview to topic: We, fortunately, became aware of this just by chance today. Thankfully through a friend sharing this information is how this all came about. Although we are posting it late in the day, we are thankful that our friend shared this with us. Our blog started because our Dad became ill and was […]

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Change and Grief

Preview to topic: Life is all about change. Change is part of life whether we like it or not. Whether we are prepared to accept it or not. It is something that is guaranteed in life. For us, our life changed the day our Dad was admitted to hospital on 5th September 2016. We just […]

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Counselling/ Health and Wellbeing

Preview of topic: From the moment our Dad was hospitalised (in 2016) everything changed completely. The bullet points below are advice we would offer. I will be honest and say I struggle to live by this myself. These are helpful and kind words of advice that we are given by friends and family. However, as […]

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